Monday, March 10, 2008

You go girl!

Beauty and brains? Some might say it is possible, some might say it’s not. I, for one, say not only that it is a possibility, but also that it’s a fact. Just look at me!!! Beauty and intelligence can coexist in one man/woman.

Is tat chu Melanie Marquez? Oh, this is too much nosebleeding for me! It's just funny. Well I am not perfect, there are times too that my grammar needs to be corrected but at least I don't join "those" beauty pageant noh!

For the love of god^@%$%)*&*%W@... I would understand if she came from a non-English speaking country in South East Asia, but hell no... Oh, well... Maybe she drank 5 tall mocha latte from starbucks before going to Araneta Center and that made her just really nerbus right? Cause y'all know that this is her pers time joining a beauty pageant and she's just 17 years old.

Naalala ko tuloy si Manat bigla dutch is why I am very proud of her *huhuhuhu-sobs-moans-groans*. When she first came here in America, she only knew a few words - like Thank you so much, Thank you very much, Your welcome, Hold on one second please, One moment please o diba ang galang-galang after a few months she learned to speak real English (FCUK YOU, B*TCH, FCUK-FCUK)... She came from a non-English speaking country in SEA and I must say na kinariir nyang todo ang Rosetta Stone ni mareng Cora Doloroso! There is hope Bb. Pilipinas Janina San Miguel, you have 7 long months to go kaya YOU GO GURL no pressures! I hope your phamlee will play again a very important role next time for the Ms. World... Cause they are the most important persons in your life - chorva chorva!

Chuva said...
"Alright, she won the swimsuit competition and the long evening gown competition. That’s good.
Naka score ka na ng points to make it to the “tough ten”. Pero, sa interview portion - - naging bobita ang kandidata natin. It’s not just beauty kahit na beauty pageant ang tawag. You have to have brains too!!" I said... Ahh pasok ka sa banga! Pasok nga sa Taft Ten diba?

Chuva said...
"Nakakaloka ang sagot mga ateng…………siya ba ang representante ng Pilipinas? Nakow - kailangan na kaagad ng Public Speaking lessons ni ateng.. bilis!!!!!!!!!!!! Sayang ang ganda kung hindi ma-co-coach yan before the Miss World Pageant. Tutors WANTED!!!" I said... Enroll natin sa Cora Doloroso for speech powerrrr to the maximum leveleyshus raise to the 100th power!


pusa said...

LOL chismax blog na rin ba itetch? parang chuvachienes na ang blog mo mare! hahahaha

bluepanjeet | OTWOMD™ said...

****kinariir nyang todo ang Rosetta Stone ni mareng Cora Doloroso!****

haha ginawang hieroglyphics reader si manat...

but seriously the woman is endearing. dila lang nakaka turn-off. Pag ganyan ka Diwa sa personal, di na kita i-EEB, sa lata ng sardinas na lang ako makikipagusap. LOL

Joke lang. kahit sino accepted ko. Pano na, ikaw naman ang susunod ko na OTWOMD fan, may pic mo na ako at kay pusa ko nalang ipapa fill up yung questionnaires haha

Have a nice day my love.

diwata said...

Korak ka jan pusa!

hahahaha gusto mong makita ang dila ni Manat dear? hmmm yong dila sa chuva chienes kanya yon eh bwahahhaha