Sunday, March 2, 2008

Enmobile Your Business Today!

For the most part, advertising and marketing efforts have often interrupted what a consumer is listening to, viewing, or actually doing. New technologies are now placing the control in the hands of the consumer. Through state-of-the-art mobile developed technology, EnMobile can assure that your message gets into the hands of the consumers.

Enmobile, a is new Mobile Marketing and advertising agency launched by a group of young, hip mobile pioneers, is creating value for agencies and business to get involved in mobile marketing and advertising.

They have provide their clients the ability to leverage mobile technology to inspire and maintain relationships with their consumers. It is pioneering and emerging mobile marketing firm, is seeking qualified applicants to outsource it's B2B sales and lead generation. they mainly work with marketing/ad agencies and other media marketing companies.

Try EnMobile today for your business… It is FREE. Yes they are offering a FREE introductory campaign for those companies looking to add mobile to their marketing mix. The team at EnMobile brings a confident approach to marketing, and will deliver a free campaign to prove to clients the success of their system. The team at EnMobile is so confident in their abilities that they are offering a free campaign as a sign of good faith and confidence.