Thursday, March 27, 2008

The Gucci Gang and DJ Montano Scandal. ( Who really is Tina Tinio?)

I have survived holy week, so am back on my feet and my regular regimen...

HAHAHAH *rolls on the floor* I just can't stop laughin' really. This is the reason why I love reading Brian Gorrell's blog, it's very addicting and controversial.

But there are times that I wonder (what if the stuff that he wrote is just a figment of his imagination?) I don't him or the said Gucci Gang personally... But what if this is his kind of revenge for DJ Montano? You know like a lover scorned...

And another thing... If DJ Montano owes him money why the hell is he blogging about his friends too? Not just that, even Celine Lopez's mom and dad are also a target in his blog>_(O*^^#@$_+ It's not about DJ's friends... They did not owe Brian anything... It is DJ who owes him... Well I am glad I wasn't associated with DJ Montano/Manila's Elitist or else my ass will be dragged too in his blog lol... *sigh... What a relief* Well I am not a for real elite. I am a pretentious social climber. Like HRH Reyna Elena herself. (It's all your fault HRH!)

You want to know my opinion? WELL I DON'T HAVE ANY! Just playing! Heheh...

In my opinion, granted - DJ Montano did something very horrible to Brian, I don't think he supposed to drag other people on their mess? Right, I mean, yeah Celine Lopez and DJ were BFF but then whatever DJ does Celine is totally not in control of it... It's not about consenting other people to do something bad... BUT, it's their life and you just can't control someone's life... You know what am sayin' here?

Hmmm let's just pretend that you are one of Montano's friend, and you know that he is cheating on his lover (Brian) which is also happens to be a friend of yours through Montano... Would you talk to Brian regarding that matter? Of course not! It's their freaking issue so... Back off!

I am being intrigued, who really is Tina Tinio? Well I don't know, YOU tell me!

I have pasted recent comments below for Tina Tinio. You be the judge!

Base on the comments below, Tina Tinio doesn't reside in the Philippines anymore, so what the hell is she being blogged about? Just because she used to be or friends with DJ Montano or the Gucci Gang? C'mon...

Poor Tina! I don't think that she is somewhat a coke whore... Just look at the poor girl... My god, she doesn't look like she is somewhat a drug user!)*(%##$@%$%(( Just look at those fat... If I was her and I am a coke/crack whore dang... I would sue my freaking dealer... Just what kind of coke is he dealing? Seriously, I don't Tina Tinio's think ass's belong in this controversy!

This is just an opinion... Nothing more-Nothing less.

Anonymous said...

This blog has gone to far. Brian, many people have gained your sympathy at the start of this blog but as others have pointed out, leave your hatred out and leave other people who are not involved out.

So what if Tina is fat? Also, there are some facts that are wrong in the wiki entry so apparently she did not write it (so who did?)

Why all this hatred to these people? If they are what they allegedly are: pretentious, coke addicts, user friendly people, why should we care about them? Why should we waste our time paying attention to them? Why even give any emotion to them? Why even comment?

March 11, 2008 5:06 AM

~~Well said darling!

Courtesy of Brian Gorrell's blog...
Anonymous Anonymous said...

the elephant!!! thanks brian!!! pay up dj!

March 10, 2008 7:25 PM

Anonymous Cesar Montano said...

I expected more... but what the hell. Looks like you're not really associated with her. Thanks anyways.

March 10, 2008 7:29 PM

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