Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Scandal Ever!

So on the 29 I am celebrating my 24th birthday. It's not a big party, well I just invited the A-listers the elitist in the TRI-State area - about 150 guest... - social climbing ever of course what is the use of being one of the "butsi gang" right?

There is a celebration too in Paris, Milan, New York, Timbuktu, Tibet and Manila on the 29th! This is the party of the century, I tell you! For now, mangingilin muna ako... Mahal na araw eh... Sa isang linggo atak! Butsi Gang All the way!!!


Rebecca said...

uuyy b-day mo din pala March and just a day after ng mother ko...sa 28th sya.... dapat pala a week later ko na lang pina-deliver yung flowers mo...di bale...kiss na lang kita sa big day mo he! he! j/k j/k

at saka don't worry about your addy...you're privacy is safe w/me...hindi naman talaga ako maingay eh...and although I maintain a personal site, I also value my privacy as well...ok good night...ingat ka lagi =)

diwata said...

kiss na lang kita sa big day mo he! he! j/k j/k

*sabay snap ng fingers* j/k j/k lang pala iyon hahahaha