Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Latest From Brian Gorrell

One Line, Two Lines, Three Lines, Four Lines. - The latest from Brian Gorrell's blog. You know Brian (The blog owner) Vs. DJ (Delfin Justiniano Ocampo Montano II), Celine Lopez, Tim Yap, Wendy Puyat, Tina Tinio and the rest of the Gucci Gang... Oh my god! There's just alot of controversies on his entries! That is why I always visit his blog for that juicy chika!

This said gang "Gucci Gang" also known as Manila's Elitist are a bunch of thieves and freeloaders - Well, I don't know. I don't know them personally, am just here for the chika! Well, it is really up to you guys my only advice is to visit Brian's blog and you'll be the judge...

I don't like gossips. But I don't consider this a gossip, this is like those reality shows that we use to see in the television lol - WAY MUCH BETTER!!!

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Diamond Geezer said...

Hello...I'm actually responding to one of your earlier posts. You write so much i didn't have time to respond:) The title of the post was 'does it ring a bell' and you were talking about violence in america i think. There should be no surprise this country is very always has been...ever since it was created. Black Americans and Native Americans experienced it first hand and we are still suffering.

I want to end my post on a positive note though. I'm a glbt geezer and i'm also multi-racial (African-American/Irish and English). It has been a really tough struggle for me to accept myself but my friend (Robin) really helped me...stay in the game. Her family was from the Philippines too:)

Please take great care of yourself:)