Sunday, March 9, 2008

SJ's Finest (Thai Taste - Marlton)

I discovered this place by accident nearly a year ago - Yeah when I was trying to call all the Thai restaurants around my area to find out if anybody of them makes Sum Tom (Papaya Salad), and luckily I found Thai Taste, well they are the only one here in SJ that is making Sum Tom - not your ordinary Sum Tom though but the best that I have ever tried. Well that was the start that made me/us a regular customer.

They have very good authentic Thai food in a very casual romantic ambiance. Has great and friendly servers (Kui and Nhuang to name a few). And the prices? Yeah it is very reasonable, I may say that dinner for two people was roughly about $50-60 (Which includes at least 1 apps, 2 entree and 2 desserts) plus the tip.

Thai Taste is an upscale restaurant that serves just Thai food. Too often Thai restaurants here in my area are either Thai French or Thai French Laos which is very distant to authentic Thai food.
If you want delicious authentic Thai food with a dash of wonderful service, then Thai Taste it is!
I highly recommend Thai Taste to all of my friends and believe me we go there nearly every weekend.

This is perhaps my favorite Thain restaurant. I still have the hung over from that Chocolate Souffle, Green Tea Ice Cream and Pan Seared Tuna - ohhhh *drooling*

I give Thai Taste and it's staff 3 thumbs up!

This what we had last Sunday... Jumbo Shrimps with garlic... Well I did not have the chance to take a photo of the apps, since all of them were very hungry already (Para kasing PG at DK ang mga kasama ko eh) LOL. For apps we had Spring Rolls, Mussels (Steamed with Thai herbs) and Sum Tom (Papaya Salad).

The Pan Seared Tuna (Meduim Well)... One word - Aroy Mak!

And this is the famous Seafood Fried Rice (With green curry, not on the menu). See what Am talking about? They are just simply hungry...

Uhg, now what? I tell you - I am craving again for that Pan Seared Tuna... I can't wait till next weekend.


Rebecca said...

waaah sarap! I like thai food kasi hindi kasing salty at laced ng MSG tulad ng chinese food.

ginutom naman ako tuloy ;p

Rebecca said...

btw, diwa pwede ka ba padalhan ng flowers for easter sa address ni reyna? or baka hindi mo makuha agad pag bukas mo dried flowers na sya he! he! oh well, hindi ko kasi alam kung gaano ka kalayo from reyna's place...

diwata said...


ano nga palang physical addy mo sa LV???