Thursday, May 31, 2007

My Longweekend With R (Day 2 Part 1)

I haven't got enough sleep from Day 1 noh! She's pretty much an early riser, she tried to wake me up around 6 A.M! [Pagkatapos mo akong puyatin kagabi tapos gigisingin mo ako ng 6A.M ni hindi pa nasikat ang araw eh.]

Am really, really, really lazy when it comes to waking up so early, and to think there's no work that day... So there's no real reason for me to wake up soooo early... It's just New York... It's gonna be there... Forever it's not going anywhere! I really take advantage of long weekends like this, this is the only time I can get enougt sleep... Like a normal human being!

Grrr... She just wont stop waking me up... Mual [Mahal] wake up it's 6:30 already... [Stretches... Huh? I still want to sleep... 10 minutes okay yawns... Stretchs again... Yawn... Mual were gonna be late it's almost 7 now. Can I just see you in New Yok... Around 1 PM? I want to sleep more! (Kung mga dati kong ngelpren yan... Ang balik sa akin nyan eh... TANGHALI NA NAKIHALA KA PA... NAGSABOG NA ANG DIYOS NG PERA IKAW TULOG PA DIN!) Masaya noh?


We meet up with her friends... So finally I was introduce to the her Thai community. Our plan is just gonna be me and her going in NY. But she wanted to bring her friend along so be it. [Okay you can invite friend/s but one condition SPEAK ENGLISH okay! I pretty much tell her this all the time...]


In New York... They wanted to go to Museum's okay... Museum it is... So off to Madame Tussauds

I got to see the Dalai Lama...

Albert Einstein

And many more...

I felt that if I post every photo here am just gonna run out of space he he he... To follow the second museum...

my hammock

Hammocks speaks of comfort and luxury.

Summer's here again... I am imagining myself lying between two palm trees on a comfortable hammock at the beach. But then again am just imagining that! Knowing that I can't do that since am working my ass off 7 days a week!

Thank god I have a rope hammock that I got from now it is easy for me to do it at my backyard whenever I wanted too.

I love myself to relax all the time swaying gently with my rope hammock while drinking my favorite cocktail in our garden.

I dunno I might be in-love with my hammock, cause whenever I go I just bring it with me... May it be on picnics, on the shore and yeah at the park too. Ohh yeah before I forgot I have a camping hammocks too, That I used whenever I go hiking. I think, I am obsessed with hammocks lol.

Here are just a few of the many reason why I love my hammock over anything else:
they cost less
are smaller
more light weight
quicker to set up camp and disassemble afterwards
more comfortable than sleeping on the ground
being off the ground means you are away from slugs, snails and vermin
it's easier to find a campsite as you can sleep above rocks and uneven ground

I like mine in cotton. I considered it to be the most comfortable material for both rope and fabric hammocks. Unfortunately, cotton is susceptible to mold and mildew, and will degrade if not looked after properly. Colors look natural and elegant, but will fade quickly if left in direct sunlight. Suitable for use indoors or outside, but should not be left out in bad weather.

Thanks you are heaven sent!!!

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TB on a plane? Sign of the times

By MIKE STOBBE, AP Medical Writer 29 minutes ago

SARS on a plane. Mumps on a plane. And now a rare and deadly form of tuberculosis, on at least two planes. Commercial air travel's potential for spreading infection continues to cause handwringing among public health officials, as news of a jet-setting man with a rare and deadly form of TB demonstrates.

"We always think of planes as a vehicle for spreading disease," said Dr. Doug Hardy, an infectious disease specialist at UT Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas.

In the latest case, a Georgia man with extensively drug-resistant TB ignored doctors' advice and took two trans-Atlantic flights, leading to the first U.S. government-ordered quarantine since 1963.

The man, who officials did not identify, had been quarantined at Atlanta's Grady Memorial Hospital until Thursday morning, when he was transferred to Denver's National Jewish Hospital for treatment, Jewish Hospital spokesman William Allstetter said.

He walked into the building and said he felt fine, Allstetter said.

The hospital has treated two other patients with what appears to be the same strain of tuberculosis since 2000 and both improved enough to be released, according to Dr. Charles Daley, head of the infectious disease division at National Jewish.

"I think we're more optimistic than what we have been hearing in reports that we will be able to control this infection," Daley told CNN Thursday morning. "We're aiming for cure. We know it's an uphill battle."

The patient was not considered highly contagious, and there are no confirmed reports that his illness spread to other passengers.

But the case illustrates ongoing concerns about the public health perils of plane travel, as well as the continuing problem of Typhoid Mary-like individuals who can almost be counted on to do the wrong thing.

The man decided to proceed with a long-planned wedding trip despite being advised not to fly.

"There's always going to be situations where there is a lack of understanding and appreciation of responsibility to the community in a situation like this," said Dr. John Ho, an infectious diseases specialist at New York-Presbyterian Hospital/Weill Cornell Medical Center.

The case also points out weaknesses in the system: The man was able to re-enter the United States, even though he said he had been warned by federal officials that his passport was being flagged and he was being placed on a no-fly list.

CDC officials said they contacted the Department of
Homeland Security

Homeland Security
to put the man on a no-fly list, but it doesn't appear he was added by the time he flew from Prague to Montreal and drove across the border from Canada.

A Transportation Security Administration spokesman could not be reached for comment Wednesday.

Challenges in coordinating with airlines and in communicating with the media also have emerged, said Glen Nowak, a spokesman for the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

"This clearly is going to have some relevance to our pandemic influenza preparedness," Nowak said.

There have been several prominent disease-on-a-plane incidents in recent years.

Perhaps best known is severe acute respiratory syndrome, or SARS, which erupted in Asia in 2003. Over three months, CDC workers delayed on the tarmac 12,000 airplanes carrying 3 million passengers arriving from SARS-affected countries, isolating people with SARS symptoms.

Last year, CDC officials worked with airlines and state health departments to track two infected airline passengers who may have helped spread a mumps epidemic throughout the Midwest.

And in March, a flight from Hong Kong was held at Newark International Airport for two hours because some on board reported feeling ill from a flu-like illness. They were released when it became clear they had seasonal flu, and not an avian variety.

Medical experts say TB is significantly less contagious than flu, SARS and other maladies that have led to airport alerts.

"This is not as easily transmissible as what we're concerned about with a flu pandemic," said Dr. William Schaffner, chairman of the department of preventive medicine at Vanderbilt University.

A more contagious bug, carried by a stubborn or evasive passenger, could be much more problematic, experts said.

It's remarkable how rarely serious contagions are on planes, Ho noted.

"If you count the number of international flights there are on a daily basis, this is really a minuscule event" in terms of rate of occurrence, he said.

"However, this underscores the interrelatedness of the global community. We can no longer escape things considered foreign" in this age of jet-travel, Ho said.


Associated Press writer Malcolm Ritter in New York contributed to this report.

Courtesy of Yahoo News!

diwata on boating again!

Yeah yeah yeah boating is my new hobby! It was fun! I really had fun boating last week I just hoped I can do it every weekend, uhg but with the gas prices I don't think I can manage to do it every now and then.

I feel so relaxed and renewed whenever I go sailing.

Last week I posted some photos of a boat. I really wanted to buy that kind of boat, the sundancer... But I can't, my trust fund and welfare check aren't enough... Tsk tsk too bad huh? He he he...

Maybe in time thou...

Having a hobby like that is pretty expensive! You have to worry about the maintainace... The gas, people coming over to clean it every other week and ugh much more.

One thing I noticed about that boat is, it has a beautiful boat cover.
I asked them where they got it... It was just gorgeous! Imagine you can now protect your boat, well if am also the owner of that boat sure am gonna protect it too!

All boats require maintenance, and keeping them looking good is a constant challenge. Protecting your boat from damage by fitting a good cover can save you a lot of time and also money.

Every boat is different they all have this unique shapes. In order to keep out the dirt, water, rodents and harmful uv rays, you need to find a cover that fits the shape of your boat as exactly as possible. The good news is that it should not be difficult to find a custom fit cover for any Bayliner. Although a custom fit can cost more, getting the right shape is so important that this little bit extra will be money well spent right?

For many people their boats are the most precious possession that they own. Spending time on the water sailing is just joy and just relaxing. But you want to keep your boat always looking at it's best right? That's why boat covers are always important to have at hand! Of course you want to keep all that dirt going into your precious boat!

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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

My Longweekend With R (Day 1)

Yeah so day one begins Friday night(this was last friday). Well the plan was Saturday morning right?, *It seems she really wanted me so bad. Eh tila atat na atat na yata sya sa akin, eh mubait ako kaya sige punta ng Biernes! Mapagbigay naman ako eh!* Kaya ako nababansagang pokpok eh tsk tsk pero bakit ba mag girlfriend na kami noh! Easy pwede pa pero pokpok? Hindi naman sig uro, pwede pang liberated nasa Hamnerika na naman tayo eh.

It was just tiring, imagine from work I need to go home and fix my stuff and myself, knowing me I still went to shower for a little bit [Ayaw ko naman ng haggard na haggard ang itchura ko. Remember I just got off from work which means kakatapos ko lang maglinis ng mga pinagbalahuraan ng mga amo ko!] So when I get to her place eh FIGHT na agad! HA HA HA *Para akong lagare! Pangako. Nagkaligaw-ligaw pa kamo ako. Kakamadali, minamadali kasi ako. Grrrr...*

So finally I got there around 10 or 11 P.M... Yeah FINALLY, am not in the mood for TooTooTooTooT anymore... AM TIRED NA NOH! I can't even smile... Todo simangot lang ako [Am just like that, whatever I feel... My face shows it. I dunno... It's kind of hard for me to hide what am feeling...]

REWIND yesterday...

I was having alot of problems with my La Germania. I called the manufacturer...
So my call was dispatched to some PATELA GUY to help me with my La Germania [My notebook]

Am just pissed off we didn't solve the problem, I was on the phone with him for like 2 hours and BLAHHHHHHHHH... And that is 3 AM! [Because of that I didn't get to blog!]
My /D: is acting up. We even did the remote assistance but still it didn't work. He told me to just buy another one.

The PATELA GUY asked me when was the last time I used it? Since Am not really good at remembering things like that... I told him maybe like around October. So he told me again that it is still working and "some" of the little things inside is just corrupted, and He also said that if you don't use something for a long time sometimes it really acts up like not working properly. [Ahemm BEEP BEEP! Medyo natamaan yata ako jan ah!!!]

But just this morning I remember that after I went boating last week I still managed to use it noh. Inaasar lang ako yata nong si PATELA eh.

Back to Manat..

I promise you guys that am gonna show you the photos... But Day 1 is kind of censored kaya sa Day 2 na lang k! *Baka ipasara pa ni Madam Reyns itong site ko.*

To be continued...

CRM Software Package

What is crm?

CRM has something to do with Customers and Management.

Choosing a the right CRM technology has often been a daunting task for companies in all industries. Whether in financial services, telecommunications, retail, high tech or any other area, companies know that in order to be successful, they need to better service their customer and partners. How to do this can appear to be a monumental task particularly for Small to Medium and BIG businesses. However, the approach for a multi-billon dollar empire or a small startup company just coming into the CRM level should be the same.

For me the most important factor to take into consideration when evaluating a CRM solution, business objectives are sometimes overlooked as the technology’s capabilities become a primary focus. The challenge is not in defining your company's IT strategy but in clearly defining the business objectives and then mapping the IT strategy to these goals.

Are the company’s growth objectives clearly defined? What is the company’s primary objective? To increase revenue, then how? Does access to real-time analytics impact decisions that could drive the business? Do customers interact mainly with customer service reps via phone or email? Is self service an important feature that needs to be manged via the Internet? Is there a corporate goal to integrate your applications across the organization to use information from varied programs to drive revenue opportunities? Is the ability to integrate with mobile phones to provide salespeople with the necessary tool they need when they're on the road critical to your business needs?

The decision to choose a CRM solution needs to be a business decision first and foremost. Once the business goals are defined other aspects — primarliy the capabilities of the technology — can be considered, if there is more than one solution that might fit the business objectives.

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Phohm ja khohmkheuun! Phohm yak... Khun thahm hai phohm yohk! Phohm ja rohm raawk!

joop... joop... joop

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

on blinds

Are you looking for a perfect Blinds? Well terrysfabrics has it, terrific choice... terrific value... Just fabolously lovely!

They carry wide array of selection for those windows. Name it from curtain fabrics, curtain poles, curtain tracks, cushion and throws, ready made curtains, ready made violes, bedding. lighthing, rugs, tapes and haberdashery, hooks and hold backs, tiebacks and tassels and of course blinds too.

This is a store that you'll be able to get discounted fabrics and said stuffs. At terrysfabrics they stock everything so they never run out of things to sell. They have a humongous selection on on-line wholesale fabrics. From faux silk and suede to poly-cotton and discounted fabrics you can't go wrong with terrys discount store.

Did I also mention that they have a huge selection on window blinds? From roller blinds, roman blinds, roman blind kits, venetian blinds, vertical blinds, wooden blinds, bamboo wood roman, wood slat venetian, wooden venetian, hard wood venetian, black leather venetian and whoaaa alot more! The list just goes on. Visit their store and find it out for yourselves!

poverty sucks!

It's really painful to see one's life has to live like this. I am wise to know that poverty really exist.

This is Barry I met and talk to him last March during my photo trek in Center City. He is a very interesting person. I get to know him a little bit, he's a Vietnam Veteran been living on the mean streets of Center City for like 5 years.

He lost his legs from the mean war...

His only son had disowned him. I hope I get to see him again and get to know him more.

This is just one of the photos I took last Mar. 2007 at Logan Square. Barry is just one of my subjects that time.

on credit cards

Having credit cards is not really a bad thing like most other people say...

For me credit cards just makes my life alot easier, for one I don't like bringing cash with me, second I get to earn points/rewards using my credit card and not to mention that it'll also look good on my credit score.

Almost most of my purchases are base using my credit card. I consider my credit card as my loyal friend in the whole wide world. LOL

Well you just have to know what credit card is the best for your needs. I use my credit cards to make money! Yeah you read that right to make money! Almost all of my credit cards are 0% credit cards

How do I make money from them? I always make sure that they offer Cash Back Bonuses, Rewards and most of all they are 0% credit cards

Different people have different kinds of needs...

So here are some guides for choosing the right card for your you or if your credit card that you have right now is the right one for you. There's alot to learn! Like me I am still learning what is the best for me. And as an Economist I always Compare.. Compare.. Compare.. just endless Comparison.

Compare, Choose and Apply. That is the WORD!

I also wanted to share some articles for you to read. This articles really helped me alot. Check it out and let me know how it goes!

Here... You might find this interesting!

Cash Back Credit Cards

* Cash Back Credit Card - General Guide
It seems almost too good to be true; a credit card company giving back money to the user just for spending it in the first place! However, as with all good deals, there are terms and conditions.

* Cash Back or Rewards
In the battle for new customers, credit card companies are offering to reward users for simply spending on their cards. The two most attractive systems seem to be cash back and rewards.

* Cashing In On Credit Cards
Credit cards come with a wealth of incentives to attract new borrowers. These include points, long term low interest rates and 0% balance transfer rates. The balance transfer rate is perhaps the most attractive and it has been used to advantage by many credit card users. Two good examples are credit card tarts and stoozers.

And another one...

Credit Card Benefits

* Credit Card Benefits
A credit card can be a highly effective and flexible financial tool for the smart shopper – and saver. It has many obvious advantages over cash and cheques – and a few hidden ones too!

* Rate Tart - Are You One?
Rate tarts are the smart shoppers of the credit card world. They play the system to avoid paying interest on purchases, borrow money for free, and even make money on that borrowed money!

* Make Money Using Credit Cards
It may seem odd that a financial product designed to offer credit can actually make users money in the process, but it’s perfectly possible. Here is our definitive guide on how to earn extra money while using credit cards.

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Monday, May 28, 2007

it's up again and running!

Okay blogging is back after 4 long days whooooooaaa! I did not imagine that I could last that long knowing that am so addicted to this thing! As all of you would know I spent my long weekend with my girl... [I didn't bring my notebook with me, I just want quality time with her.]

So it's our time to be together cause next week and the following week and the weeks after that am gonna be very busy cause am supposed to work 7days a week and my plan was just see and be with her for a few hours during weekends... But I guess thats not gonna work since she is so demanding with my time... [Ganda ko talaga! Haba ng buhok ko! Syet!]

I decided to just work for 6days a week, and so Sunday is my day off but still not gonna get that rest that I want since I have to be with her on that said day. Basically my full time work during Sunday is her. [Haaayyy, hirap pala magka ngelpren. Dati-rati reklamo ko wa ako nyowa... Now may nyowa ako reklamo pa din. That's just me COMPLICATED!]

Oh well it's okay if I didn't get to blog for a few days... [Nakaya ko o diba? Buhay pa naman ako diba? Pero muntik na akong mamatay kamo... Mamatay sa ***** HA HA HA. Anyhow eh pero ang feeling ko eh para bang hirap ako huminga at ang sikip ng dibdib ko syet! I miss blogging talaga!!!] Ayaw ko nga lang mag chika chika sa notebook nya at baka makaiwan ako ng bakas at magulat ako at isa na pala si Manat sa mga viewers ko ayaw ko non kakaloka!

I dunno am just not comfortable with her visiting my site at makita mga ka-ulolan na pinagsususulat ko. Cause last week we were on the phone and she was asking me how come I couldn't consentrate on what shes saying so I told her that hmmm am just writting something on my blog... BLAH! So her reaction was whats the name of the site can I visit it and see what are you doing? HUH? Naloka naman ako doon buti na lang napalusutan ko so I told her no I was just reading someone's blog while writting/doodling on my moleskin.

I really had fun thou! Am just tired for real. We did alot of things and will post here the photos here later. [Talaga namang quality time walang tulugan ika nga ni Master showman! Kurap lang ang pahinga! LOL.]

Hay nako ang sakit kamo ng katawan ko ngayon nag acrobatic kasi ako eh eh eh kasi ba naman eh... Panay panay ang chika ng [Phom ja ruaamraak!] Tri-lingual na po ang lola nyo! Patay na pag narinig na nya yan parang pusa na yon na di makali. O sha sha sha... Sa isang araw na ulit ang update k chumika lang ako ng konti para malaman nyong buhay pa ako. Tao din naman ako at kailangan ko ding mamahinga!!! O sha ciao!

Thursday, May 24, 2007

PPP Direct to launch?

Have you guys heard the latest news? The PayPerPost Virus? No silly not that!
That they already launch the all new PPP Direct!

With PPP Direct you can now reach out to the advertisers out there, even those not in PPP network, and advertise your own blogs and content.
Well some advertisers often want to directly hire good bloggers to write about their products or services and with PayPerPost Direct that's now possible. Innit lovely?

It is such an opportunity for a blogger like me. Cause with PayPerPost Direct, it is a new angle on the PayPerPost that'll allows me to market my great whoa contents and blog directly to advertisers out there!

PayPerPost Direct is just a great addition to the!

I am so gonna take advantage of this PPP Direct! And of course will still be using the regular PayPerPost where else there are also alot and great opportunities there! I don't have any plans of not using that anytime soon.

Yeah I also need to update my blog, my template ughh just kind of sucks right now not just that, I need to fix everything to attract possible advertisers out there! Since on PPP Direct there will never be opportunity post limits, no reservation times to worry ugh! All we have to do is wait for for a potential advertiser and viola instant money!

I just can't wait to quit my full time job and just do blogging everyday! LOL. Anyhow lemme tell you the difference between PPP Direct and PPP Competitors. PPP Direct cuts massive overhead. Where competitors like ReviewMe charge 50-100% markup and keep up to half your money, while PPP Direct only charges 10% on it's fees, 5% of that goes to transaction fees for PayPal and credit credit card processing fees.

This is so GREAT for a blogger like me to keep the most amount of money possible while having safety and security of a service that will make me sure I get paid for my hard work, not to mention the sleepless nights I spent on writing he he he.

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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

just sad

Finally I had found myself a girl I can call my own. O diba? We were talking awhile ago... She told me that she'll be finish studying by next year... So she has to leave, and go back to Thailand...

My reaction was just... HUWATTTT??? Aren't you gonna study more? More and more and more and more? But I thought you wanted you be a a Doctor???

[She just burst her bubble, Muahal keyta!]

She doesn't know yet what's next... If she's leaving or staying... But probably leave...

She asked me if I still want to date her cause of that situation... (Hindi kaya gusto lang nya akong ligwakin? O kaya naman eh nagpapapansin o nagpapapigil at nagpapapilit? He he he...)

I do not know what's in the future... But am willing to take a chance to see what's there for me... (Will I ever know? If am not gonna take any risk? Kaya sige hala... Live the moment!) Ika nga seize the day na lang! I may be a little rough on the exterior but inside that may pakiramdam din naman ako.

I really like Manat sobra since day 1! She doesn't smoke nor drink. [Ayaw ko kasi ng nagbibisyo.]
Every word she says theres always a Please and a Thank You... Very polite. I had never heard her cuss.
She always think of other people first than herself.
Ah basta shes NICE! Compared sa mga babae ko noon. Lalong lalo na kay K! GRRRRRRR! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

So i'll just live by the moment and enjoy it with her.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Will be offline.

Blogging is gonna be off for 3 looonnggg days! From Saturday morning to Monday evening!
(Purnada pa yong $50.00 kada araw sa 5 entry!)

Nag away kami ng nitong bruhangbyaning na to ko kanina... Mantakin nyong ang plano sya ang bibisita sa akin sa sabado at ako ang pupunta sa kanya sa lingo hanggang lunes... Papalit-palit ng plano grrr!!! Iniba na naman nya ang plano kainis talaga!

Manat: Hi Mahal... How are you?
Me: Hello!*On a very exited tone!!!*
Manat: Umm Ummhh
Me: Whats ummmhh!^&^$#$&*(?Why are you pausing again? What are you gonna say?
Manat: Ummm um just wondering maybe you could sleepover here on saturday, sunday until monday and then well go to your place monday is that okay?
Me: WHAT? WHY? You don't want to go here? But I thought you're the one whose going here?
Me: NO! I didn't say I don't want to...
EVERY WEEK? HOW COME AM MUCH NEARER AND YOU DON'T WANT TO SPEND TIME WITH ME? (Ayan na nga ba ang sinasabi ko... Sinusumbatan na ako! Nagdedemanda na! At kulang na lang sabihin nya din sa muka ko na kaya ka iniwan ng mga ngelpren mo noon kasi walakang pahahon sa kanila!!!)

Me: Am not saying thatI don't want to go there! OKAY! I just asked you how come you're not going here anymore! You keep changing plans! (Hindi nagsasalita ang impaktangbyaning, antagal... Para akong nakikipagusap sa hangin.)

Naninibago pa din ako. Nag aadjust pa din ako. Sa tagal ko ba namang hindi nagka gf sa matagal na panahon. Parang kahapon lamang single ako tapos pagkagising ko eh biglang may shota na pala ako. Ambilis!

Dati-dati once a month lang nagriring ang telapano ko. Pero ngayon parang daig ko pa artista na kala mo eh ang daming offer na pelikula. (Ganito pala ang feeling ng nagdadalaga? Maya-maya kumakalembang ang telepano?) Samantalang noon eh kulang na lang tawagan ko ang buset na PLDT para i-report na sira ata ang telepano ko, bakit hindi nagriring?


Phom ja khohmkheuun Wun sao, Wun artit lea Wun jun tonchao! Phom kon ba!
(Patay [Gahasa] ka sa akin sa Sabado, Lingo at isama mo na din ang Lunes ng umaga!) Makapunta nga bukas sa Mercury drugstore at makabili ng yarda-yardang dam! LOL.


Ayan ha Tita C5 harapan na yan hindi po yan si BryanBoy okay he he he! Demanding ka din kasi eh!

Wag na wag nyong sasabihin sa akin na parang nanalo ako ng $100 nito sa scratch off ha! Parang yong itinuturing kong kaibigan ng nakita ito tinawagan ba naman ako at sinabing aba para kang nanalo sa lotto nyan ah! [Hindi na kami naguusap ng kaibigang yan simula kanina! Hindi naman ako ganun kapanget no?!#$%^*(]

cats in the cradle

Hello gamers! Have you heard of? Trickster? Do you know that you can find anything here from chat to forum and online guides for the game that you been raving!

Is this is your first time to hear trickster? Let me welcome you then to what I hope will become your new daily source of gaming strategies.

Trickster is another voice to the already crowded market of gaming sites and magazines, trickster is focused on providing the most objective view of games. To do this, trickster assembles articles from around the web, allows gamers to weigh in with their opinions, and lets you access daily popularity statistics for thousands of games. They have the most extensive list of informations, starter pack reviews, previews, and news from around the net and from their users in their own forums! Trickster it is!

Provides the most comprehensive information available on the net today which are aimed at meeting the needs of hardcore gamers and interactive entertainment enthusiasts. By providing these enthusiasts with a broad array of editorial content, related services, and ways to meet and interact with their peers, has established a leading market position. Is also a leading provider of proprietary data base tools, helping online game players to more easily access timely, detailed and accurate information about their favorite games.

Serving its audiences by providing both free and subscription-based content and services. Their sites attract more than 10 something million unique visitors per month, resulting in over 600 million page views monthly.

FOR online game players, and works with the gaming community daily to understand and serve its needs.

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My Secret Life...

Like other woman I have issues too.

As y'all know am an Ethnic Lesbian, am queer and am here. [Being a Minority is one of my issues... Uhg I should have Majored in Women Studies! Instead of Marketing and Networking!!!]

One of my issues that bothers me is my weight.

I worry all the time about how I look.

I've been on a diet since... Forever?

People doesn't see me as fat bitch. But whenever I looked at the mirror eww I just want to go puke. [It's making me sick to my stomach. Uhhgg.]

There are times that I love and hate myself. [Today? Hmm I love myself. All I ate was just Apples and Metamucil. Which I will purge later!]

I Am always in-denial of hunger.

To eat is an issue to me.

I just can't believe what's happening to me lately. I've been on a diet. Been working out on a regular basis... And yet I've gain freakin' 5 pounds!!! What the... I don't know where the hell it came from.

Is it just water??? Did I gain mass??? -- Now, I think am gonna die! Not just die... Am gonna die fat and alone. Waaaaaahhhhh...

Most of the people I know tell me that I ain't fat. Maybe their just saying that... Am not gonna be convinced... I will still feel fat... No matter what...

I am 5'5 and weighs 95 lbs. [I am overweight! I am suffering from Obesity!]

For Fathers Day

June 17 Fathers day is fast approaching! Am just wondering if you guys already have Father's Day Gifts for your loving Dads?

Dads seem to be happy with just about anything you give them. They may never remember the gift or use it. But they sure appreciate getting a fathers day gift!

Are you looking for a gift for your dads this coming fathers day? I know it's just hard to look for something perfect for that special guy in our lives, compared with our moms right?

Well you have to know what does your father really likes?

Does he smoke cigars? Likes baked goods? Fine gourmet? Does he fancy meats and sea foods?
Does he have a sweet tooth? OR is he a beer collector?

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Monday, May 21, 2007

boating it is!!!

No am not giving you guys a tour of Pasig River or Chao Phraya! Yesterday I went boating... O diba... Naman I didn't know na hindi pala rin ako pwedeng mag cruise just in case kasi naman talagang hilo-hilo ako, Hanggang ngayon eh nalulula pa ako... [Byahilo ako talaga, asan ka bonamin ng kailangan kita?]

This is my new hobby... BOATING! Makipag-boating-tingan!
I got to drive this badboy!

The Sundancer, Tomorrow I am buying one for myself, from my welfare check! HA HA HA

See, muntik na kaming tumaob sa pagka-kaskasera ko.

This is what boaters call ice tea water... They say it's clean! What do you think?

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Save up to 70% OFF

I haven't been in the Philippines in a long time so I checked online and see which one can offer me a best deal if ever am going to the Philippines and have a stopover at Bangkok. I found pretty decent air fares and cheap hotels. Thank God, I've been waiting for this vacation for a very long time. Just can't get a very good deal. But now I am very sure... Am going this time... You are not gonna believe how much money I had save by booking at

Next time I am gonna look online for vacations I am not gonna look somewhere else this is it for me! I mean what more can I ask? They have the cheapest fares to Asia and nice deals on hotels too. Not just Asia cause I was browsing their site and I discovered that they also do other destinations like The Caribbean, Australia and Europe. So on my next, next vacation I will still book with them.

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They also have contact numbers in USA, CANADA and EUROPE. Well perfect thats what I just wanted when I buy something over the internet, somebody I can call and talk to when Am having trouble in booking online. Cause mostly internet travel sources they don't have anymore customer service y'all gonna be by yourself figuring out what's next.

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I gave up?

It's been almost 4 weeks now since I decided to partially gave up eating meat.[Hope for good.]

For the past four weeks all am eating is just fruits and veggies -- apples, bananas, celery carrots and the like. I eat 7 times a day. But in a very small servings. I had to take a rain check for now in going to the gym. [Am still adjusting to this new kind of lifestyle I just found.]

You don't want to know how cranky I am these past few days. Naman! My co-workers would ask me if am pms-ing or am I having my early stages of menopause because I have been such a bitch. He he he... [Gutom lang pala eh no?]

Anyways I've lost almost 10 lbs already! Yippie!!! Kailangan magkasya sa akin yong size0 kong maong na 2piece bathing suit noong 10 years pa nakakaraan! Charing! [Aysus specially now that I have a girlfriend already... Who weighs 94 lbs. Naku! Laban kung laban talaga. Dapat muganda din ako no! I need to be at least 93 lbs.!!! HA HA HA HA... j/k.] I still got a long way to go... I wonder how many more apples and bananans I have to eat in a BLAH! Darn it!

I dunno I always feel bloated whenever I eat anything. [My normal food.] Not just I felt am bloated... It felt like my hands and face and some parts of my body are swollen. [I think it's called Edema. Manas in Tagalog!]

It might be from the foods that I been eating too. Like most of the resataurants that I go to maybe they put alot of MSG on their food [Filipino Restaurants?, and YEAH!... Almost most of the Chinese Restaurants they say they don't do MSG Okay whatever! Talk to the hand!] Call me lazy but I never cook, most of the time I buy my food at the said restaurants.

Well I ate meat twice already in a span of four weeks in a very small portions. I need my protein too. Tao naman din ako. Naghahangad ng Carne! But when I saw this video... I kind changed my mind in eating meat again...

Friday, May 18, 2007

i love... PPP!

I been blogging for a bit 4 months now. Whoa am surprised it felt like i've been blogging for all my life whew. Well ever since i got introduced into blogging I had never slept a normal 8 hours sleep. Call me crazy but my average sleep now is just 4 hours a day! Am not complaining or anything... I actually like and enjoy what am doing. For me this is my therapy. I get to say the things I want and hate on my blog and no one really cares, I just feel so free... Saying the things inside me out loud and knowing that I wont be judged here.

I guess am kinda hooked on it. NO am really hooked! And I may need an interventionist now! LOL. - But Am happy thou...

It all started as ME being a lurker at Reyna Elenas blog. Well at first I was kind of shy to put my opinions there, but as time goes by... I did then. It was fun for me. I got to talk and even meet to alot of people from different walks of life there. So it was all Reynas fault!!! - NO regrets! I've learn alot and still learning from our time to time blogging conference. Which happens almost every Saturday? He he he...

As I am always curious and want to discover more... One day I was browsing the net and saw an article from another blogger and that has a tag of get paid to blog ... Little did I know that I can have fun and at the same time earn money from it. FUN FUN FUN FUN!

I signed up immediately to get things started! I have been a member of PPP [PayPerPost] for almost a week now. And so far I have made $50.01 for 7 yeah SEVEN entries! Not bad huh? Pretty good deal thou! The opportunies just keep popping up... Their like mushrooms! He he he... So far... So GOOD!

I also meet a few people here in there in PPP. Get to talk to them about PPP and how good it is.

I love PayPerPost! Get paid to blog. Loved it!

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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Distant Accents

Ever since we've known each other

Were just inseparable...

Am very happy right now. Little did I know I could be this HAPPY...

Khap khun khap. Phom rak khun...

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Unique Lowest BID WINS!

Somebody had told me that I can actually do a lowest bid and still win on the said auction. Better than EBay huh?

So as a curious cat i am, I had checked the site for some info and stuffs. Honestly this is the first time I had been to a site that offers the unique lowest bid wins.

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How much do I pay if I win the prize?

Dollar amounts in bids are phony and are just used to determine the winner of the prize. If you win a prize it is absolutely free. Bid4pizes even pays for the shipping. As with winning any prize taxes may apply. Check with your state tax department or with your financial advisor to determine if taxes apply or not.

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one step... too far?

Only with mellow
Are you thin enough to slide through,
Don't let nothin' ride u,
If the sun or the moon would give way to doubt,
They would immediately go out.
Only one swallow doesn't make a summer
But u gotta start somewhere

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

above and below

I've seen ya darling,
Seen you hanging round town
You in a short skirt,

Shining eyes of deep brown,
You had a dirty look.
You caught me on your hook.
Turn up the thermostat,
I want to see you sweat...

Oh yeah,
Girl you've got,
Something I like...

Monday, May 14, 2007


Checking into a drug rehab is the new trend now.

Celebrities like Britney Spears, Robert Downey Jr., Mel Gibson, Lindsay Lohan and Kate Moss all have one thing in common they have sought help to kick the bad habit. [substance and alcohol abuse.]

Drug rehab ... is it the "new trend?" You tell me!

I wonder where do they go for treatment? Caused I have noticed that most of them would just spend one day to a month in drug rehabs hardy enough time to get a complete or proper treatment. They just seem to pop in and out at will.

Before it was just a shame to admit one is an addict. Most people wouldn't consider drug rehabs as an option. People also don't understand that it takes time it's not just a day or a month spent at drug rehab and then boom am out of here, it's not like that. Even a month is not enough, it's just the start. Healing takes years and even a lifetime. They just have to be committed to it.

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Sunday, May 13, 2007

I Remember...

I was about 3 years old in this photo with my Mum. I miss her so much.

Happy Mothers Day! You'll always be in my heart. I love you Dear Mummy.

Effective Today.

I am the official Mrs. Srimuangbamrung! May asawa na po ako. Aba ang hinahanap ko pala eh andito lang sa tabi-tabi. Kailangan ko lang talagang idilat mga mata ko at pukpukin sangdaang beses ng bote ang ulo ko!

Naniniwala na ako sa kasabihang. "Kung gusto nyong isat'-isa hindi na kailangan mag pakiputan."

Bad trip na bad trip na bad trip na bad trip ako noong Biernes. Kaya naman biglaan ang pagaasawa ko.
Bakit ko pagpipilitan ang sarili ko sa isang beha na wala namang kwenta diba? Para sa akin wala nang ligaw-ligawan leche pare-pareho lang naman tayong mga babae eh bakit pa kailangan magligawan eh dun din naman tutungo yan. Wala akong panahon sa ligawan dalwa-dalwa tarbahu ko mahalaga sa akin ang oras ko. Kung pwede ko lang lagyan ng metro ang katawan ko nilagyan ko na.

Hindi ako nagasawa kasi bad trip/desperada/iritable ako sa isang tao.

Hindi ko pa mahal ang asawa ko [Alam po nya yon. Basta ang sabi ko sa kanya hindi ko sya tatarantaduhin. Doon din naman ang punta nyan eh. Kumbaga maglalandian kami ng todo so parang puta-puta naman ang labas namin noon dahil hindi naman kami pero landian to the 10th power diba? Eh di asawahin na lang.] Pero gusto ko sya at sa tingin ko hindi naman sya mahirap muhalin. Mubait naman sya. Mahinahon magsalita. Muganda naman sya. Malinis naman sya.

May isa nga lang problema. [Eto na naman ako gustong-gusto kong pinahihirapan talaga sarili ko.] May mga panahong hmmm hindi kami magkaintindihan. Hirap sya at ako intindihin ang isat-isa. Talaga namang ang aking famous lines eh *What, what, what, what?* at *Say that again , Say that again, Say that again!* Kung maririnig mo akong magsalita ngayon eh A-BA-KA-DA-E-GA-HA-ILA-PAA-TE-LA. I am hooked on phonics ang drama ko.

At kanina ko lang nalaman na kapag magkausap pala kami sa telepano. [Hold on one second lagi ang drama nya lagi sa akin eh may kodigong diksyonaryo sa tabi nya! Tawa ako ng tawa talaga kaloka. Pero medyo inis ako, paano pala kapag magkasama kami oo lang sya ng oo kahit hindi nya ako naiintindihan?] Hindi naman daw lagi, madalas lang... HUWATTTTTTTT... Sabi ko sa kanya ang dating 200 mph words ko eh gagawin ko na lang 20 mph, at sana kung hindi nya ako naiintindihan eh sabihin nya at papaliwanag kong mabuti sa kanya. Nag oo naman sya.
At sinabi ko din sa kanya na bilihan ako ng Thai - English Dictionary magaaral akong mag Thai para magkaintindihan kami. [Leche Tagalog at English nga nahihirapan pa ako. Tapos Thai pa? Pero ang totoo nyan, eh gusto kong matuto kasi ayaw kong ako na pala ang pinaguusapan nila at binebenta hindi ko pa alam! LOL.] Todo na ito!

Aba ang bruhilda gusto daw matuto mag Tagalog? HA? Are You for real? Yan ang sagot ko sa kanya. "Saka na. Kapag mubait ka tuturuan kita!"

Halos mga naging kasintahan daw nya eh mga maskulados. Sabi ko nagkakamali ka yata ng kinakarir! Eh naman pareho tayong maguunahang tumihaya no! Sino sa atin ang magsusuot ng Korona? May kaagawan pa ako sa make-up! Sabi nya hindi daw ako Lesbiana... Huh? Paki paliwanag nga? I-nexplain ko sa kanya na GAGA THIS IS AMERICA! WALA NA TAYO SA KANYA-KANYA NATING KA-TRIBUHAN NGAYON! KAYA UMAYOS KA. WAG MO AKONG IRITAHIN.

Kahulihan na pinagusapan namin eh ang panahon ko. Ayan nagdedemanda na kabagu-bagu. Sabi nya paano tayo magkikita? Eh 7 days a week ka mang mag ta-tarbahu sa Hunyo. Gusto daw nya may panahon sa kanya. Ang sinagot ko naman, ayaw mo ba akong magtarbahu? Kaya mo bang suportahan ang luho ko? Kung hindi ang sagot mo manahimik ka at tignan na lang natin kung paano ang agos ng tubig.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

friday am inlove?

I'm so tired, of playing
Playing with this bow and arrow
Gonna give my heart away
Leave it to the other girls to play
For I've been a temptress too long

Just. .

Give me a reason to love you
Give me a reason to be ee, a woman
I just wanna be a woman


I hate K***a*s their fucking obnoxious people!

Friday, May 11, 2007

looking for someone?

I have tried everything when it comes to dating. Name it! I've done the personals thing and the chemistry thing ohh not to mention craigslist! Am tired of it! Most of the people i meet there are just full BS. It's just not working for me. Most of the sites that I just mentioned are just full of crap and it's like a meat market and or just soul mate sites. I am not really up for that. I want something that is real. I am looking for something that is meaningful.

I came across this site. dating service
and I just loved it. I mean, Maybe this is it! Right?

Oh did I also mention that their database seems to hold a plethora of witty brainiacs, nerds and the like? Just my cup of tea! Their members seems fun, eclectic and most of all genuine. Beat that!

dating service Is just perfect for my needs!

Well recommended! Try it! dating service
Two Thumbs up...

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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Rest and Relaxation

Tomorrows the day! [Ang araw na nalaman kong tao din pala ako. Ang araw na unang tumibok ang puson ko.]

Handa na ako! Handang-handa na ako!

Today I did alot of R and R [Naglaba ako habang namamalansta, Naglinis ako ng kwarto. Ganyan ako mag relak since OC nga ako diba?]

Of course naman kailangan muganda ako bukas. Para mulaman ni K kung ano ang na-miss nya! Bruha nya!

I started my day with a good exercise after that sabi ko nga tao lang din ako. Kaya kumain naman ako ng healthy breakfast [Freshly squeeze orange juice, apple with maple syrup and apple and apple and alot more of apples. For almost two weeks now all I've eaten are just fruits. Nakakapagpaganda daw kasi yon? Hmmm... Kaya sinubukan ko nga kung totoo...]

Am finished removing all my facial hairs. Name it lahat tinangal ko! [Shempre ang kilay ang unang-unang ni-wax ko. Walang binatbat ang kilay ni Bella Flores sa kilay ko! Umpisa pa lang yan, ang buhok sa ilong oo sa ka-loob-looban--aray ko! Wala na din po. Of course I did not forget the chest hair and the hairy back, kasi nga diba medyo reavelling ako bukas wala na ligwak na sya.]

Maya-maya habang nag-me-meditate ako pla-planstahin ko na ang damit ko para bukas. [Bukas naman ang muka ko pla-planstahin ko. He he he]

Haaayyy... Sana naman mapansin nya na ako. Kulang na lang kasi ibenta at isangla ko na kay Taning ang kaluluwa ko eh, mapansinin lang nya ako. [I only have my eye on one lesbian.]

Bawal ang puyatan ngayon kaya.

Ciao fuckers! Wish me luck!

I like playing with fire...

My heart is...

Not certain.

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

The Bug 05.25.07

You may have heard about the bug movie coming out on May 25, 2007.

I did do a little, just a little peek at their trailers and I know for sure that is a hell great of a movie and will be a hit. Knowing it's from Lionsgate the bug movie was Directed by Academy Award winner William Friedkin who was also the Director of Tales from the Crypt, The Guardian and a lot more... I can't wait for May 25 anymore! I just want to watch this movie.

The Bug movie stars Golden Globe Nominee Ashley Judd, Harry Connick Jr., Lynn Collins, Brian O 'Byrne and Michael Shannon.

a lonely waitress with a tragic past, Agnes rooms in a run-down motel, living in fear of her abusive, recently paroled ex-husband. But when Agnes begins a tentative romance with Peter, an eccentric, nervous drifter, she starts to feel hopeful again - until the first bugs arrive...

Check it out and find more about it. bug movie

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the light

I want to be where the light is...

Let there be light!

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Southern Drift

John from West Virginia. He's 24 and homeless. His been living on the streets since 2002.

He has been in Center City for almost 3 months now.

No relathieves. No friends. No nothing.

He had asked me for a cigarette and in return I asked him if I could take his photo and little conversation.

He lived all his life at the juvies. He's been in and out of prison. He thinks his life is just a mess.

Very interesting person. I wish, I could have stay more and find more about him.