Wednesday, May 30, 2007

CRM Software Package

What is crm?

CRM has something to do with Customers and Management.

Choosing a the right CRM technology has often been a daunting task for companies in all industries. Whether in financial services, telecommunications, retail, high tech or any other area, companies know that in order to be successful, they need to better service their customer and partners. How to do this can appear to be a monumental task particularly for Small to Medium and BIG businesses. However, the approach for a multi-billon dollar empire or a small startup company just coming into the CRM level should be the same.

For me the most important factor to take into consideration when evaluating a CRM solution, business objectives are sometimes overlooked as the technology’s capabilities become a primary focus. The challenge is not in defining your company's IT strategy but in clearly defining the business objectives and then mapping the IT strategy to these goals.

Are the company’s growth objectives clearly defined? What is the company’s primary objective? To increase revenue, then how? Does access to real-time analytics impact decisions that could drive the business? Do customers interact mainly with customer service reps via phone or email? Is self service an important feature that needs to be manged via the Internet? Is there a corporate goal to integrate your applications across the organization to use information from varied programs to drive revenue opportunities? Is the ability to integrate with mobile phones to provide salespeople with the necessary tool they need when they're on the road critical to your business needs?

The decision to choose a CRM solution needs to be a business decision first and foremost. Once the business goals are defined other aspects — primarliy the capabilities of the technology — can be considered, if there is more than one solution that might fit the business objectives.

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