Monday, May 14, 2007


Checking into a drug rehab is the new trend now.

Celebrities like Britney Spears, Robert Downey Jr., Mel Gibson, Lindsay Lohan and Kate Moss all have one thing in common they have sought help to kick the bad habit. [substance and alcohol abuse.]

Drug rehab ... is it the "new trend?" You tell me!

I wonder where do they go for treatment? Caused I have noticed that most of them would just spend one day to a month in drug rehabs hardy enough time to get a complete or proper treatment. They just seem to pop in and out at will.

Before it was just a shame to admit one is an addict. Most people wouldn't consider drug rehabs as an option. People also don't understand that it takes time it's not just a day or a month spent at drug rehab and then boom am out of here, it's not like that. Even a month is not enough, it's just the start. Healing takes years and even a lifetime. They just have to be committed to it.

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