Wednesday, May 2, 2007


One of the girl's i used to date a year or two ago called me last night. [Yeah, on my deepest/darkest moments.]

She's inviting me to grub something and watch a movie. [Where are her friends??? I mean of all people she's calling me? I feel weird thou, after not seeing/talking to her for a long time... I was the one who stopped seeing and talking to her. And now she wants to take me out? I hoped it's not a date no.]

Long story short I still went out with her. [First I needed to go out. Second I kind of wanted to know what's up with her.]


I've gone out with her for like 4 months... And just called it quits.

Last night she kind of put me on the spot. When she asked why i just stopped... You wanna know why??? You really wanna know why i fucking stopped? [No. Am just a bit exaggerating. I didn't say that. I was just about to, but I have to control my emotions.]

Do you remember the time that I have asked you...

What's up? Cause were like girlfriends but not really. [We do stuffs together, but were not together.]
That time i wanted to know like if that thing were on is like for play-play or for real-real... But you just kind of shrug at me. Remember that? No it didn't pissed me off. It's just that I don't want to waste my pretty time with someone whose not willing to waste their's on me. You know what am saying?!

Now, Why did you call me? [My turn to put your feakin arse on the hot seat!]
Did you just realize my worth? Ha ha ha... [Of course I was just kiddin'.]

Her: I missed you! That's it!

Me: Ahh for real?

Why people wants other people if they knew that the latter is unavailable? CRAZY!

Am a woman too. I know how a woman thinks and acts if they're up to something!

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