Wednesday, May 30, 2007

My Longweekend With R (Day 1)

Yeah so day one begins Friday night(this was last friday). Well the plan was Saturday morning right?, *It seems she really wanted me so bad. Eh tila atat na atat na yata sya sa akin, eh mubait ako kaya sige punta ng Biernes! Mapagbigay naman ako eh!* Kaya ako nababansagang pokpok eh tsk tsk pero bakit ba mag girlfriend na kami noh! Easy pwede pa pero pokpok? Hindi naman sig uro, pwede pang liberated nasa Hamnerika na naman tayo eh.

It was just tiring, imagine from work I need to go home and fix my stuff and myself, knowing me I still went to shower for a little bit [Ayaw ko naman ng haggard na haggard ang itchura ko. Remember I just got off from work which means kakatapos ko lang maglinis ng mga pinagbalahuraan ng mga amo ko!] So when I get to her place eh FIGHT na agad! HA HA HA *Para akong lagare! Pangako. Nagkaligaw-ligaw pa kamo ako. Kakamadali, minamadali kasi ako. Grrrr...*

So finally I got there around 10 or 11 P.M... Yeah FINALLY, am not in the mood for TooTooTooTooT anymore... AM TIRED NA NOH! I can't even smile... Todo simangot lang ako [Am just like that, whatever I feel... My face shows it. I dunno... It's kind of hard for me to hide what am feeling...]

REWIND yesterday...

I was having alot of problems with my La Germania. I called the manufacturer...
So my call was dispatched to some PATELA GUY to help me with my La Germania [My notebook]

Am just pissed off we didn't solve the problem, I was on the phone with him for like 2 hours and BLAHHHHHHHHH... And that is 3 AM! [Because of that I didn't get to blog!]
My /D: is acting up. We even did the remote assistance but still it didn't work. He told me to just buy another one.

The PATELA GUY asked me when was the last time I used it? Since Am not really good at remembering things like that... I told him maybe like around October. So he told me again that it is still working and "some" of the little things inside is just corrupted, and He also said that if you don't use something for a long time sometimes it really acts up like not working properly. [Ahemm BEEP BEEP! Medyo natamaan yata ako jan ah!!!]

But just this morning I remember that after I went boating last week I still managed to use it noh. Inaasar lang ako yata nong si PATELA eh.

Back to Manat..

I promise you guys that am gonna show you the photos... But Day 1 is kind of censored kaya sa Day 2 na lang k! *Baka ipasara pa ni Madam Reyns itong site ko.*

To be continued...

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