Friday, June 29, 2007

pets and wiki

I HEART pets, especially dogs! Just couldn't get one for myself cause I have very, very, very bad allergies in pet dander! But tomorrow (Saturday) I will be moving into a new house with a new roommate that has a pet dog. I checked Wikipedia about my allergies on pets and I have found out that am just allergic to pets that are furry, like Chow-Chow, Japanese Spitz and the like. My roommates dog is a Shitz Shu and according to my research I am not allergic to that kind of breed - whew what a relief! But still wish me luck!

Months ago I have baby sat for a dog it's a cross breed dog from Europe he got sick (vomiting and just keep losing bowels) while with me... And his parents (The owners) are on vacation and I just don't know what to do... I was so helpless, since am not really used in taking care of pets. I so tense cause I just don't know how I can help him. I did not know that I could get to the net and check Pet Health Wiki. Well I did not know that there's a Wiki now for pets, that'll be so helpful for people like me who has no backgrounds for pets!

So yeah I will be moving tom, and most of the time it's gonna be me and the dog at the house at all times since my roommate is a super duper busy person. So it's like I will be looking out for him (the dog, not my roommate! heheeh) most of my time if am home! It's okay I know it is a little difficult for me not "having" backgrounds on taking care of a dog... But I guess I'll be FINE since there is Pet Health Wiki all I have to do is to to their site and Viola!!! Right next at my fingertips.

I say this is very convenient for busy people! Cause they don't have to call or go to their Vets if they have concerns about their pets.

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tomorrows the day!

I will be relocating tomorrow! Moving starts by 7:30 PM EST! I actually called my roommate 30 minutes ago, just checking... How's things over there... They're having a party at the house already! Without me? Isn't the party supposed to be tomorrow? (She's throwing a party because tomorrows her last happy days! This is what she said to my face lol.)

See my container? I did not imagine that I have alot of stuffs! Not until last week... No there's no living room, bedroom set or dining room inside that container van. It is just plain clothes and tiny little stuffs from the yard sale and flea markets lol.

I just thought about moving last weekend - call me impulsive, yeah I am! (I live my the moment nga diba?)

One of my not so gay friendly neighbor had asked where Am goin'? And my cousin heard that Am moving so she also asked me where... She thought I'll be going to India to join Kori! ~ NGEK! (mauuna pa ako doon kay Kori chika ko sa pinsan ko lol.)

No Am not relocating to the Philippines or Los Angeles! Am moving just out of town, hmm about 10 minutes away from where I live now... Much more gay friendly neighborhood! (O diba?!)

Actually Am not that done yet, there's alot of stuffs still in my room, see? Yeah I still have those two stupid balikbayan boxes that I still have to fill up with clothes and some stupid things on the floor... My room right now is just a mess! BIG MESS! Wish me lots of luck with my packing wehe that I still need to finish tonight and also with my new neighborhood!

Thursday, June 28, 2007

online dating

Online dating anyone??? I know that online dating is still kind of a taboo for most of people out there. - I don't give a flying care!

I've had an online relationship before, not just one thou I think I've had three girlfriends that I meet online! Surprise? Don't be! It's the most convenient thing to meet people specially for me. As you all know I work almost most of the time and have no more time meeting people at the clubs and I am not really comfortable with meeting someone at the club and just getting it on! I want to meet someone and talk first and if there's a connection then well get it on he he he... No just kidding Am not that kind of person. I just like to talk first and as I've said if I know that there's something more that's the time to make the moves and decide to meet up.

Oh well back to my online relationship, yeah it pretty darn well worked out it lasted about a year and a half and after that we just called it quits, - actually I wasn't really expecting that we'll last that long... I thought it's just one of the so called hook ups or booty calls lol.

We chatted for about two weeks and after that I decided to go to the next level (the phone) - of course I need to know her first, it's pretty scary talking and meeting up with someone you barely know! (you never know what's there for you!) Just have to do, what I have to do.

Chatting is good and talking on the phone was much better - of course now I could hear how she sound like... Meeting in person is, I know much, much, much better than this! (but it's scary! lol)
It is! It's just that what if the other person is expecting MORE? Like I dunno if were the same page there or phase. Online and on the phone were fine right? Just what if Am not attracted to her when I finally see her? (those are the questions that really bothers me!) Tell me Am bad, but I want some physical attraction too! Physical attraction counts big time with me. I am a sucker for pretty faces! I know that's not really important or you may even say that am to shallow but this is me.

After talking for almost three weeks time... Remember we talked online for two and one on the phone. We finally agreed to meet face-to-face! Everything seem fine, it's not that scary at all (she's damn hot! awww sizzles...) As far as I could remember I still have that connection from the first time. It's not that bad at all!

We dated for a year and a half and called it quits. It's just a nice relationship turn bad, because of we have alot of issues being together and we can't figure out how to "resolve" those issues but hey no regrets!

After that I found about FriendFinder. Some of my friends used this site and they pretty get along with their significant other up to now, if they just introduced this to me a bit earlier maybe Am like them... I don't know... I might also found long-lasting-fruitful relationship with FriendFinder like my friends...

Rock Steady!

[uprock, uprock... let's get down now downrock, downrock, downrock, downrork, uhh downrock, uh downrock... FREEZE!]

I am amaze how these bboys manage to do their tricks! (I envy them big time.)

I love dancing and love expressing myself thru it.
[I was a hardcore dancer when I was about 6 or 7 years old., I did gymnastics, ballet and even tap dancing.] But all was just too girly for me! I wanted to do taekwondo - Parents doesn't want to, they say and think it's gonna make me a big lesbian. I don't think so! [gymnastics, ballet and tap dancing made more homo! there's just alot of girls at my class at that time he he he...]

Well i pretty darn knew I was a lesbian when I was 5 years old! DUH! So I don't think martial arts gonna make me one.

I envy this crew of bboys in Rittenhouse... I am crazy about breakdancing for reals, last year I even broke my right arm when I did a windmill and a freeze. [It healed by itself. *sighsss* A relief I don't want no cast in any part of my body.]

Bboy Blackie doing the freeze

Sometimes I want to join them. But I can't am no pro like that! I can uprock, downrock, a little of windmill or what they call hurricane and a baby freeze. [I want to do a real freeze like what they're doing!] Just can't afford to break my arm again.

Ohh and guess what? It is really an effin turn on for me to see a bgirl breaking! I heart girls who can really breakdance! [The hardcore ones wink... wink... wink... (:D]

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ganito na lang ba tayo?

Lecheng buhay to! Sa araw-araw na lang wala kaming ginawa kungdi mag away ng mag away ng mag away ng mag away ng mag away ng mag away... Walang katapusang bagsakan ng telepano. [May pakiramdam ako na kung di sya nagdadalang tao eh, may bisita sya o kaya naman eh menopausal na sya GrrrrR - ngit-ngit sa asar!] Ewan ko ba twing hindi kami magkasama ganito ng ganito lagi, parang ayaw ko na atang alamin kung paano kung kasama ko sya sa araw-araw diba? [Palibhasa pareho kaming nagaagawan sa korona, kung kanino man mapupunta.]

Madalas tinatawanan ko na lang, pero minsan nawawalan na din ako ng pasensya at nagiging mapag patol. [Tao lang ako no!] *Habang nakapamewang sabay nakahalukipkip ang mga kamay sa aking tiyan at dibdib*

Grabe ako mainitin ang ulo ko sobra talaga aminado ako jan. Pero pag dating sa kanya mas mainit ulo nya kompara sa akin (siguro dahil na din sa anghang ng mga kinakain nya diba? kaya atapang ainit aulo atao.) napakainit ng ulo grabeh! Kaya pag sya kasama/kausap ko eh kailangan medyo mellow ako dahil mas mainit sya. [Sya na lang lagi!]

Wala kaming matinong usap lalo na pag nagaaway kami. Laging bagsakan ng telepono! [Hindi ako ang nambabagsak sya okay.] I wish hindi cell ang gamit ko. Sana yong rotary (yong itim na mabigat na telepono pa noon panahon.) Eh di kung yon ang gamit ko eh sige bagsakan pala gusto mo ha? O yan! Ibigay ang hilig. [Masakit kasi sa tengga ang tunog ng rotary kapag nabagsakan ka, talaga namang lalabas ang tulok ng tenga mo.]

Naalala ko tuloy noong medyo bago - bago pa lang kami, nabagsakan ako... Sabi ko sa aking sarili ikaw nambagsak, pwes matuto kang tumawag pabalik! (Hindi ko tinawagan, baka mamihasa eh.)
Pagkalipas ng limang minuto... Nakikipag - hiwalay na... Dahil kamo bakit? Kasi wala na daw akong pakialam sa kanya dahil hindi ako tumawag pabalik! [GrrrrrR! Ang cute - cute mo talaga! Binagsakan mo ako tapos gusto mo pa palang makipagusap?] Ganun lang daw sya... Mapag hanap ng atensyon!)*%^$# May bipolar ka pala!

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I don't need to say a word or two...

(gagabaan di kayong mga impaktot' impakta kayo!)

PPP's blog of the day!

First I want to congratulate Tita C5 being PPP's postie if the day!

Earlier today I was super, mega, diamond and for all season surprise when I saw her as blog of the day at PPP! At my excitement I called Chuva and ispluks the cheezmacks. *Of course the queen of cheezmacks was surprise too herself!*

After 10 minutes... *Nyeta ako kaya kailan magiging blog of the day#%$@%%)__)&* But Am really happy for Tita C5... O diba... Plastic ko talaga lol. Charot!

I even called Reyn to let her know that C5' blog was featured at PPP. Unfortunately she knew it first... BLAH! *Naunahan na naman ako grrRR!*

So C5 keep up the good work... Bring home the bacon! Congratulations again...

flea control

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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

can I be an artist? (part two)

continuation of part one...

I got tired of staying at home (trust me on this one, very boring!) and just partying most of my nights wasting all of my Mum's monies, after a year I finally decided to go back to school. So I enrolled my self to study at some stupid school with some stupid medical degree. I was fun, I get to stay away from home, meet a few interesting people here and there and I meet alot of potential girlfriends too! Not to brag when I was younger alot of girls and boys would beg me to just have coffee with them! [Malamang mga walang pang kape! LOL]

Fast forward...

Yesterday while talking to Manat, Ohh you know what my friends tell me about you? That you seem nice and so good looking! Yeah you are nice I think, I dunno and very good looking, I bet when you were much younger your much more better looking compared than now! But you know what, the first time I saw you kind of you don't look like what you look today... Your face is sorta yellow and you look kind of tired! But now your face is reddish and you looked relaxed now. [Leche! Kulang na lang isampal nya sa muka ko na kaya ako blooming eh dahil sa kanya! Actually totoo naman... Yellow ano ako may jaundice? Pero talagang haggard na haggard ako noon kasi alan nyo na alam kong mag meet kami kaya naman todo puyat at isang beses lang ang kain ko noon sa isang araw. Aba dapat maganda ako! Kaya lang haggard ang kinalabasan.]

Balik tanaw ulit...

After spending alot of time and effort at some stupid school studying some stupid medical course Finally called it quits... I snapped one day and told myself I can't take this sh*t anymore and not happy with what I have, hindi ko kayang mabuhay ng araw-araw mga patay ang makikita ko... Hindi ko kayang mag kunwari... I know my Dad's gonna be upset with this, I have to do what I have to do... Wala na akong pakialam lunurin man nya ako sa isang drum ng tubig. Maging serena na kung maging serena.

You see I am very Impulsive person, kung ano nasa isip ko at gusto kong gawin... Gagawin ko... Ng walang sekantots! [I sometimes think that I am suffering from a bipolar disorder and or ADHD he he he...] *Hindi kaya yan kagagawan ng mga pagkain na may formalin?*

After a month or two my ass was back again to school, now at some stupid business school with a stupid major! (Ni hindi ko alam ang debit at credit at kung paano gumamit ng ledger! Tapos eto ako ngayon business ang kinakarir?($@$^) You might want to know why did I get back to school? Nothing... AS IN NOTHING! Maybe just for the heck of it..., for me to do something and not get bored. Again I meet alot of interesting people there, not just ordinary people... People who really has some serious connections and money$ and power. [May pagka social-climber din pala ako noon?]

Ah basta hindi talaga ako interesado sa kung saan mang course! Basta ang gusto ko yong gusto ko! Nag LOA ako hanggang hindi ko na natapos ang aking pag-aaral, - iling na lang ng iling ang aking mga magulang at wala na rin silang magawa sa akin... Kaya ang nasabi na lang nila sa aking mga kapatid eh *TAKE CHARGE* ibig sabihin kayo na bahalang mambambo jan! Katako-takot na sampal at sabunot ang naabot ko sa aking nakakatandang kapatid na babae at suntok sa likod at sikmura sa aking kapatid na barako. - Gi-nang-up po nila ako Ate Charo! [Shock ako... Sa sobrang tuliro ni hindi ko naisip na tumawag sa bantay bata at isuplong ang mga pang-aaping ito ng aking siterette at baderette!]

Saturday, June 23, 2007


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Friday, June 22, 2007

metal pegboard

Do you have a small space on your garage like me? Need and want more space? I discovered this aluminum metal pegboard , seems to have heavy duty brushed aluminum commercial grade metal pegboard will never rust, rot, corrode or degrade. This metal pegboard requires no additional framing, just screw the pegboard into the garage wall and it is ready to go.

Now with utensil storage is not a problem anymore!

Nobody wants their utility room, garage or workshop cluttered with all that tools and equipment and just impossible to move around in without knocking over something that you forgot was even there? Well now it's time to move that clutter from the floor to the walls and free-up all that space and make finding utensils, tools and other items easy with striped pegboard panels or regular wall panels.

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Am in pain right now - It's my girls fault!!!

So we went to a party yesterday the title of the party was Thai Naked Party, I know I don't have to be naked too cause my ass is not Thai. Theres alot of Thai girls - of course but nobody was naked! Grrr!!! [I thought it was a naked party? How come everybody is still in their own clothes?]

So I saw her friends Mom and Dad... Hmmm their white and her friend is Thai (Asian)
I asked her... Is that really her parents? How come their white and she's not? She really came out from her? Or did the parents just abducted her from some "Asian" people? And how come everybody was wearing bathing suits? Why didn't you tell me that, so I could have brought my bathing suit with me...

Silly! Yeah those white people are really her parents she was adapted from Thailand! And no this is not a pool party!

Most of the time when I see a white couple with white kids with them... I want to shout... Somebody's been just abducted! Most of these days alot of white/black couple have Asian kids... I am not used anymore in seeing them with white kids. Just if I see one I know something is wrong LOL.

Okay this is just plain CRAZY! Her friends parents business is something to do with pools! So I was checking the backyard if they have a pool and how big it is... So I saw a wadding pool for kids and can only accommodate 2 small tiny little kids lol... So told myself ohh maybe the pool - the big pool is on the other side of the lawn... I checked it... I don't see one... In fairness they have a pretty big lawn! It is almnost an acre! So I told her there's no pool but how come her friends parents and siblings were wearing bathing suits? That is crazy!!! There business has alot to do with pools and they don't have one! HA HA HA - I blurted out. She just laugh at me... She's just simply used on how arrogant am I...

So finally I meet her friends New Brunswick chapter! It was fun! Everybody was warm and nice to me. [Thou most of the time am just by myself... Talking to myself cause everybody was just talking Thai and yours truly doesn't speak nor understand the language.] Kung nakakalason lang ang panis na laway, namatay na ako!, But I get to eat their finest foods and wine! It's all good!!!

Speaking of foods, everything was healthy compared to Filipino food which has alot of fats and MSG! He he he... The food was not spicy at all! It was very SPICY... I can't explain it! It is BEYOND SPICY! My lips were really red and swollen for almost 10 minutes and it took me 25 minutes as an interval to have a bite of my food. I say the only thing that is not spicy there is the pineapple from the kabob!

I am silly like sally, for whatever I do... Expect me to be just silly! I like laughing my ass off, i like to make people laugh as well - just funny... And that's what I do whenever am with Manat! May it be in the phone or were together... I did something yesterday with my food and and shes kind of not comfortable with that with other people seeing me... Actually nobody saw me do it... She told me not to do it, she tells me that if someone from her circle sees me they might think am insane! *"EH EXXAG KA PALA EH!" Kala ko ba just be myself? Ha?* Hindi ko na sinabi yan, kasi hindi ko alam Englisin ang sentence na yan... Kaya sige pinagpaliban ko na lang. I dunno, but Am just being myself... I don't care what other people say... They don't feed me or whatever! I don't like inhibitions... This is America! I can do whatever I want!!! Wala akong pakialam sa ibang tao... Nuff said!!!

I am really in pain since last nite! My butt hole is just killing me up to this moment, it is plain burning with all that spicy foods argg!

Am so sorry! Ohh I wish I was there...
Why? What can you do? So I will blow your asshole! Hehe heeehhee... - *Gawin mo pag nagkita tayo!*

I hope all is well with you Mam Kuta!

Earlier today I got a call from another blogger Teacher Gee, I was very surprising cause that is way very early... To think that we lived in different time zones. She is three hours earlier than mine. *Aga naman nyang gustong makipag chizmakan sa loob-loob ko.*

I miss her call since I am already at work scrubbing other peoples bathroom while my phone was ringing... So I called her back and ask if she really called... And if there is anything that I can do for her... Like if she wants to avail my other services. *If you people don't know, I accept laundry's too! And I am a certified notary public.*

She had an accident!

Okay ka lang ba Mam?

Okay naman ako shock lang...

Anong nangyari?

Naka pull over ako ngayon! May kasalubong kasi akong truck na may mga bato nabagsakan ang aking wind shield ng bato galing sa truck at hindi ko nakuha ang plate number nya.

Teka lang Mam nasa work kasi ako... Lalabas ako tawagan kita pabalik.

After 5 minutes...

Okay Diwa hold ka lang kausap ko si Reyn. I'll patch you in.

Oy Reyn ano na kamusta na? Teka may conference pala hold kayo tatawagan ko si Chuva! LOL.

Ambilis naman ng daliri mong magpipindot. *Sa palagay ko byaning din tong guro na to! He he he*

Usap-usap regarding insurance at kung ano-ano ang deductables... Kinig mode lang ako... Sabay hirit ng wala bang taklob ang mga bato nya? Naku pa HOY Gising mo yan o kaya isangumi mo yan kay Tulfo! Teka teka bato ba kamo? Madaming bato ba kayo ang nabagsak sa salamin mo? Sana kumuha ka ng isa at pagkalunok mo sabay mo sanang isinigaw ang word na Darna! Ng nahabol mo sana ang truck na iyon!

Para sa guro... Sana okay ka naman jan! Miss ka na namin, bisita ka lang sa mga bahay namin welcome na welcome po kayo. Miss ka nga pala ni PARKER!

Visiting Europe?

Do you like Europe and visit there always on a last minute?, and just could not get good deals or last minute specials since most of the travel industry store asks for 14 days in advance upon reservations?

Any day now I have plans in going to Iceland but not sure of when yet since I could not get a hold of my cousin who lives there. Yeah-yeah-yeah this trip could be a last minute for me... I just don't want go ahead do everything for now since I haven't talk to her yet.

I wish I still get to have hot deals if ever am leaving within a week. *Haaayyy... [sighs...]*
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pleazzee lang!!!

Parang ayaw ko na atang maging byaning! Ang dammmiiinggg ka-dramahan sa buhay!

This wut happend earlier... She has this whitening thing on her mouth and asks me if she can put me on hold for one second... (Sabi ko sige lang... Take your time!)

After a minute I dunno what's been happening to her. I just heard loud moans at the background. (At first I thought she was doing something naughty... The moan just keep on going and going for like 5 minutes...) I was so clueless on what's happening to her. [Are you okay? Is everything okay with you there? What happend?]

Why you asking me now? Am not gonna tell you, beside your not interested! *A tone with an attitude!* Sa lahat ng ayaw ko sinasagot ako ng pabalang ng ngelpren ko., Kaibigan ko okay lang., Ngelpren ayaw ko! Ako papatalo? Hindi no! Aba eh di binigyan ko na din ng attitude si bruha tutal nong isang araw pa ako gigil-na-gigil sa kanya! Grrrr - Habang na-usok ng pwet!


Were gonna have Thai party on Sunday in New Brunswick... Shempre kaladkad - kalad nya ako, actually una ayaw ko kasi naman diba what's the point na kasama ako kung lahat naman sila eh magsasalita sa lenguahe nila eh di sila - sila lang nagkaintindihan? Pero eh napilit ako eh... Eh di sama na ako! Ang isa pang nakakainis eh talaga namang chika nya...

There's gonna be alot of pretty and nice Thai girls over there! - Better than me. You should really come, You might find someone! [Irita ako sa mga hirit na ganyan! Sa truth lang! Hindi ko gets.] You know what if I wanted someone right now, I could get one... RIGHT NOW! But I am not like that! [Ako pa hearthrob ako no! LOL.] You don't have to tell me things!, and besides why would I date "some" of your friends??? Do you want??? You LIKE???


In the first place why do you say am not interested? Am not interested?, Then how come am asking you? *Hay nako ha may mas grabe pa pala sa ADD ko!* To make a long story short muntik na kaming mag break! Pero hindi, kami pa din. Sa isang linggo, malakas ang feeling ko wala na kami! Talagang hiwalay na kami heh he he...

Bukas mag kikita kami, bukas haggang linggo. Ang agenda mag wax-an ng kilay at bigote. (Patay ka sa akin bukas, i-wa-wax ko baba mo! Kapag nagmaldita ka na naman!!! O kaya naman eh papakainin kita ulit ng BEEF! LOL.) - Charing lang. Baka may mag react na naman jan. Gusto ko lang ilabas ang A at G sa loob ko. (Asar at Galit- - Huwag malisyosa)

Ewan ko ba sa tagal kong walang ka-relasyon eh talagang minsan eh naninibago pa din ako. Nasa period pa ako ng nag-a-adjust ba.

Magulang daw ako? Sabi ng Atih ko! Updated

Okay, okay, okay... Dito sa blog sa totoo lang ha nagka-anak ako bigla kahit wiz na matris ko 48 years ago... Kung sisilipin nyo ang iba kong entry tungkol sa mga ka cheneizang Innovative Tutor , Math Tutor o Reading chenalyn malalaman nyo. Pera yon eh kaya kahit pa magkunwari akong nag ma-macarena habang natulay ng alambre sa mga susunod na opps ko eh papatulan ko pa din yon! Eh pero hindi yong magulang o parent sa Inglis ang tinutukoy dito kung di magulang as in mandarambong o mandedengdoy daw ako sabi ni Chuva!

1. EZ pass clips - Naubusan sya minsan ng clips at ang orders nya mula sa mga suki eh nagdadagsaan at wala syang mahagilap ng nasabing clips dahil pati ang contact nya eh wala din, at pati na ang contact ng contact ng contact ng contact nya wala. (sa totoo lang ha 10 cents lang yang clip na yan! Umikot na kamo ng 10 beses kaya pagdating kay Chuva eh $2.50 na no! Tapos tutubuan pa nya ng mga $5.00 LOL.)

Girl, problemado ako... Magagalit na sa akin ang mga customers ko naman kasi wala akong maisend na EZ pass clips naubusan ang contact ng contact ng contact ng contact ko!

Wala na bang ibang mabibilan non?

Sa Pep Boys! Bibili nga ako bukas para lang hindi ako masira... Bibilin ko sya kahit na abunado pa ako! Wag lang mapahiya!

Gagah! Ano yan hanap patay??? Okay bawat problema eh may solusyon, [any problem isn't soluble given enough plastic bag. - Kung ano man ang ibig sabihin nya wag nyo akong tanungin, dahil hindi ko din alam!]

May solusyon ang problema mo! Ganito bumili ka sa PB's! Tapos wait mo ang EZ pass clips na ipapadala sayo ng contact ng contact ng contact ng contact ng contact mo... So may resibo ka diba dahil nag Viola ka?!$)^$. Ngayon ito na ang trick makinig ka! Bumalik ka ng PB's tapos isauli mo ang mga clip na bi-na-ola mo using clips na nakuha mo sa contact ng contact ng contact mo! Eh di WIN ka pa din!!!

Ugali kong mag shopping, kahit hindi sale bibilin ko sya wala akong paki kahit magkano pa! At pag sale na bibili ako kaparehas na kaparehas at isasauli ko sya sa lumang resibo kung saan ko sya binayaran ng buo! WAGI pa din ako!

2. Trip na trip kong nanunuod ng sine. I always get discounted tickets! Hindi po ako disable at lalong wala akong koneksyones sa loob, ang regular ticket is $9.75 at lagi akong nakakasave ng almost $3.00 o diba? Tapos hindi lang double yan kung hindi 5 pelikula po, crossover lang ako na parang daga tutal maliit lang naman ako eh ha ha ha!

Paano? Ganito lang yon. I don't pay cash since wala ako nyan! I pay credit card sa machine at viola ako ng senior tickets! O diba, mga tamad naman yang mga usher na yan kaya hindi na nila chi-ne-check basta bigay sabay lakad ng derecho lang - kung tanungin o masisita man ako, ang paliwanag "I NOT SPEAK ENGLISH!" o kaya naman "I NOT KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT COMPUTERS!" Yon nga lang medyo dyahe to pag kasama ko ang ka-date ko! Hahhhaaa haaa haaa... - Panalo diba?

3. Sa get laid naman, daming opurtunidad shempre isusulat ko muna diba bago ko i-publish dito, at pag nasulat ko na at kukunin ko na ang opurtunidad eh wala na agad. [Ako ang nagtanim, ako ang nagbayo sabay iba makikinabang? GrrrR$@$&&*)] May trick akong natutunan, punta akong get laid kuha ang mga oportunidad sabay compose at publish sabay save ulit as a draft! Tapos pag nasa mood na ako staka ko sya susulatin, ayaw ko kasi yong nag ru-rush lagi eh! O diba PANALO pa din!

4. Nalamang kong malaki pala ang refund ng mga magasawa! Tara atih pakasal na lang tayo para malaki ang angie natin pag end of the year! WAGI!

5. Ihulog mo ako sa hagdaan ng bahay mo. Kung wala akong bali pokpukin mo ng martilyo para lang mabali tapos i-claim natin sa insurance ng balay mo! Hati tayo! WIN WIN WIN WIN!

Ngayon sabihin nyo sa akin kung magulang ako! Hindi naman diba? Wais lang ako, mana kay Lumeng...

lookie, lookie who's talk of the town

By GARY GENTILE, AP Business Writer 1 hour, 8 minutes ago

LOS ANGELES - Popular Internet gossip columnist Perez Hilton had his Web site shut down for several hours after the company hosting it received a flurry of complaints about copyrighted photos being posted on

After being silenced on Tuesday, the site was back online Wednesday but hosted by a different Internet service provider.

The gossip columnist, whose real name is Mario Lavandeira, is the target of several lawsuits by paparazzi and others who claim he posts their photos and video content on his site without permission.

Celebrity photographers make hundreds of thousands of dollars selling exclusive images to magazines and Web sites each year. The agencies that have sued Lavandeira say he has refused to pay fees to license the photos, claiming he has a right as a journalist to use the images for free.

The Web site routinely posts tabloid photos of celebrities and adds scribbled commentary and rudimentary doodles.

Lavandeira defends his actions, saying his commentary constitutes "fair use" and is protected by copyright law.

Los Angeles photo agency X17 Inc. sued Lavandeira in federal court last year, asking for $7.6 million in damages. The suit claimed Hilton used 51 photographs without permission, payment or credit, including images of a pregnant Katie Holmes, Kevin Federline pumping gas and Britney Spears.

A federal judge denied the company's motion for an injunction against the site, although the lawsuit continues, as does another filed on behalf of several other photo agencies. A lawsuit filed by Universal Studios claiming the site posted a stolen photo of Jennifer Aniston from the film "The Break-Up" is also pending.

X17 co-owner Brandy Navarre said the company has sent more than a dozen notices to the Australian Web hosting company Crucial Paradigm in the past two weeks, demanding that copies of copyrighted photos on the site be removed.

"They quickly realized it wasn't worth taking on this liability just to host this one client who was a repeat infringer," Navarre said Thursday.

Tuesday, Crucial Paradigm sent a strongly worded letter to the company that represents Lavandeira, saying it had received numerous complaints of copyright violations and warning that one more complaint would result in the site being taken offline.

"Please note that with any other provider this would have been done a long time ago, and moving your site to another provider will not solve this issue," the letter read. "Continued abuse is leaving us more liable each day, which we can't afford."

Crucial Paradigm did not respond to a request for comment. The site's new host, Blogads, also did not immediately return a call for comment. Lavandeira, reached by cell phone, referred all comment to his attorney.

"Having lost its attempt in court to stop when the judge denied their injunction attempt, X17 now seems to brazenly admit to resorting to threats and intimidation in an attempt to shut down the Web site," Bryan J. Freedman, Lavandeira's lawyer, said Thursday.

" stands by its commitment to protect the freedom of people to transform content on the internet for the purpose of commentary and satire and unquestionably believes that it comports with the fair use exception."

After returning, explained the outage by telling viewers it was being moved to another computer server and was experiencing "temporary technical difficulties and other roadblocks."

courtesy of Yahoo news

Thursday, June 21, 2007

win an I-phone

iPhone Review and Video

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can I be an artist? (part one)

I love street performers, I love this kind of art. [Very entertaining and not to say it's free!] But sometimes I wonder if they do this as a career or just for fun... Cause if I will do this kind of hustling I would not do it for fun nor for monies... I'd do it for peoples attention! He he he...
[Oh how I miss the BBoys and BGirls of Rittenhouse!]

When I was younger, I really wanted to study arts. [It is really my passion.] But my family doesn't want me to... They keep asking me after I finish school what am I gonna be with that?, I just say hmmm I guess an artist right? LOL.
They beg me to pick another major... So what I did was think-think-think-think, I really did alot of thinking like if I am still gonna study even I know that am not gonna be happy with what they wanted me to do and want me to be. I even skip school for a year. [See it took me alot of thinking.] I stayed at home most of that day and not work, just at home during and sleeping all day and at night I party! [This was my life back then, kind of my scapegoat.] I was frustrated. I was depress just thinking I can't have what I want.

To be continued...


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Today and the past few days I've been waking up so early like 6am and get home about 8 or 9 ish and still do some chores of course I can't afford a maid, so I am my own maid at my own home. Sometimes it's just so tiring doing the same old routine everyday!

It's is very routinary for me... My weeks starts with my full time job which is a 9-5 job that's from Monday - Friday and on Saturday I have this part job taking care of an old lady... My only rest day is Sunday and I would not consider it rest day cause I have to be and spend time with my girlfriend Manat! - I am not complaining... All am saying is am tired and I want a MAID... [I need help in my home, doing cleaning, grocery shopping and anything that has to do with maintaining a home.]

I used to go out every weekend Friday and Saturday nights... But now? No more, I am so preoccupied with alot of things! I miss having that life... I miss going to clubs and malls - just spending endless extra hours... He he he... Well I still go out thou, but maybe just once or twice a month... I just want to have a time... A time for myself... A time to spend to family and friends... Let alone alone time.

I wonder if I can get a maid for less... Here in America labor is very expensive! Especially those kind of jobs... I am no rich person to get a helper or something like that... I am just a regular employee... Anybody out here can help me find help with paying less? Any Mexicans out there? Just kidding!

Wish me luck with this journey, called Diwatangbyaning as the domesticated fairie!

beaches vacation

I really like to have a nice vacation at some nice beaches around. Have time for myself and relax under the sun, but with my busy schedule I could not. When I was still a little tiny small girl I dream of going to the beach and Build A Sandcastle for myself and my family cause I know it is gonna be all fun specially if my busy family is gonna join me built it.

I was browsing the net and found some useful free tools over the net and yes for building a sandcastle it is fun even a 5 year old can do it. Yep that is the sandcastle that I have built myself isn't it nice? See I have sea shells, beach balls, buckets, birds flying over my sandcastle and of course sands alot of sands and yeah they are colored that's why it is so nice!

This E-card sandcastle is very easy to do believe me! It didn't even took ten minutes of my precious time. I really had a great time doing this thing, and I think I will still do it. When I was doing this I am just imagining that I was right next to that beautiful beach he he he...

Wednesday, June 20, 2007



I had found TRUE love with PayPerPost!
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One of my obsessions is having a nice duvet covers for my bed. I dunno but maybe that is just one of my fetishes. Specially I really spend alot of time at my bedroom and at my bed when am at home. So as much as possible I want my duvet covers to be as elegant and calming as possible, I work most of the time so I also want to have a goodnight sleep whenever I sleep and to achieve this you I gotta have nice beddings and all that.

At terry's fabrics they have a wide range of beddings to enhance our bedrooms. With terry's fabrics it is a terrific choice... terrific value... How terrific can you get with that?

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A day at the park

I like hanging out at any park, for me this is the cheapest entertainment that I could have. I enjoy people watching, this is my favorite pastime. I love seeing people. [Mahilig kasi akong mang okray eh! Kahit hindi ko kakilala... Ino-okray ko.]

Before I would take day offs even I don't have anything important to do...
You would not believe this... I would spend my whole day at a park instead of working, just by myself for 8 long hours! [Yeah, I don't have a life at that time!LOL.] I would even bring my La Germania (my notebook) with me, *kasi sa park walang ingay tahimik at mas makakaisip at malaya akong makakauslat ng mai-co-content sa blog ko. * But instead I would find myself observing people there, dedma ang pagsusulat.

This girl right here is just one of the few peoples that I saw last time at Central Park.

Very typical New Yorker!

I love her outfit!

Fun Games!

Have you seen the Reno 911! Miami The Movie? The unrated dvd just came out and to celebrate Fox tv added some fun games to the Reno 911! Miami The Movie dvd website.

I have visited Reno 911! Miami The Movie dvd site at and saw the fun games that they have. They have four games to choose from game 1 is most wanted, game 2 is calling all units, game 3 is Midnight shootout and game 4 is PSA.

I have played all four games, but my most favorite here is game 2 calling all units. The game is about an officers first day in this job and was sent out onto the streets to see and deal with the real world and it's crimes.

Before I played the game

Cost to city: $0.00
Salary: $30000.00
Bustin' bonus: $0.00

After 10 mins playing it... Look what I got

Cost to city: $ 86000.00
Salary: $ 14400.00
Bustin' bonus: $ 1000.00

I owe alot from the city see that? And my salary what happend?, from $30000.00 it's now $14400.00 where is the $15600.00????

Am not really good in driving and looking at some scanner at the same time I cannot multi task, that is good I did not became a police officer cause I don't think I'll be good in it. This game is very challenging to me so later after I finish blogging I will go to Reno 911! Miami The Movie unrated dvd release website and play again!

Little about the Movie

The story centers on a rag-tag team of Reno cops that are called in to save the day after a terrorist attack disrupts a national police convention in Miami Beach during spring break. They're not the best, but that's all we got. Based on the successful Comedy Central TV series.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Are you a survivor?

Are you??? Oh well I don't care if you are or not, but I am! I am a survivor!

I'm a survivor (What?)
I'm not gonna give up (What?)
I'm not gonna stop (What?)
I'm gonna work harder (What?)
I'm a survivor (What?)
I'm gonna make it (What?)
I will survive (What?)
Keep on survivin' (What?)
[Diwata Sings...]

Ooppsiee my bad I got carried away! He he he he...

Ohh if you are an avid reader here, you may have read my entry months ago, my ass got stuck at some stupid airport, I was so freaking mad! The airline didn't give any hotel accommodations, food coupon and or a phone card so I can call my family back here in the States and tell them that am still alive and just got stranded at the airport gRrrrr...

At first I was just smiling and was thinking that this is just some kind of joke... Cause I thought I was just being Punk'd by Ashton?)$@$#(**($$@... But it's not! I was mad as hell...

I don't speak and understand any language that they spoke it was just hard for me to communicate with the people at that airport, I did not have enough cash with me at that time. All I got is a credit card and a debit card which is not a visa/mastercard or american experess it is the unfablous and unfamous discover card, and the stores at the airport doesn't accept my cards it really sucks cause I don't know until when am gonna be stuck there as a freaking "refugee".

But you know what? That is very good that I have some saltine crackers [I don't know how old the crackers are... But still manage to eat it even it's stale already.] in my hand carry and some ginger ale that I took from the plane, it's such a blessing for me cause if I didn't have this I may have died of hunger already, and another thing it's good that I have my guitar with me I played it and sang at the airport just to make some monies for my next meal.

I have slept on the floor too of that airport. Since the airline said that they are not providing some meals and accommodations to it's passengers since the problem was a weather related and wasn't on their side. [I was crying when I phoned my family back here in the States. I pity myself at that time. So much!]

When I have heard of USA Network's Burn Notice It kind of reminds me of my airport story! Burn Notice is starting June 28th starring Michael Weston, a CIA Operative on USA Network's new TV series, Burn Notice, will show us how he deals with a similar situation.

Checkout to learn how he survives.

on publishing

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Angel of MINE

After 10 years ngayon ko lang sya narinig ulit! Waaaahhh mega reminisce tuloy ang lola nyo! naalala ko ang aking pre-med days ngelpren na talaga namang mahal na mahal ko noon. Yong tiga San Francisco na si Jax na pilit kong pinagpipilitan sa aking imaginary friend na kamukang-kamuka nya...

Wala namang masama siguro kung maalala ko sya diba? Hindi naman ako nangangaliwa eh... Nagpapantasya lang! He he he...


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These past few days I don't have that much opps... PPP [PayPerPost] really making me sad...

women and relatonships

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This is created for all the women having a hard time with their man. They provide very useful tools about dating, understanding the ways of your man, betrayal, goals and mistakes and etc.. etc.. etc.. I have checked their website at very helpful site! It is very interesting and I would say useful to all the women out there!

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my addiction

I was about to buy an instant game (scratch off) yesterday at some vending machine (o diba pati lottery vending na din!) I asked her to pick anything that she think that is interesting cause am just like that am superstitious when it comes to people with non-gambling experiences! She doesn't like to pick anything and told me not to buy any.

She told me a story about, her grandmother which was a hardcore gambler she even sold her house, car and even her soul for gambling money. That's why she kind of not like it. i did not know that not until yesterday.

She hates gambling. She hates smoking and it's smell. She hates drinking and people getting f*ck up.

Everything she hates, is in me. [I smoke like a chimney, I drink as if there's no tomorrow, I gamble a little just lottery thou.] Let alone my bah eating habits... The binging and purging...

I asked her... What did you like about me? It seems like everything you hated is what makes me happy!*^$@@^^&_). I cannot change you, and just smiled at me... [I am confused.]

I was thinking if she's also like other girls that I have dated before... Like she just want me for my body... I hoped not! [I want her to want me for what I am. Not for what I can do and what I have!] Not to brag or anything but I have a nice bod and nice bazoongas! [My brains are bigger than my boobbies!]

At the end of the day, I lighted a cig and she said that's gonna be your last okay! [You had 12 already!] Aba binibnilangan pala ako. Ano ka mathematician?

Friday, June 15, 2007

Innovative Learning

For years, SCORE Educational Centers have been providing kids from ages 4-14 years with a fun way to catch up, keep up, and get ahead in their studies. It is a part of the Kaplan family, SCORE! works with children in grades pre-K through 10th grade to help them achieve their goals and reach their academic potential in math, reading, spelling and writing. their programs include personal academic coaching, positive reinforcement, and a customized curriculum that adapts to each child's pace and learning needs. This is just what I needed for my child an Innovative Tutor.

Learning math, spelling, writing and reading should be part of a child's home life, not just an activity for school. Parents who want to help their child learn more in academics may not know which books are appropriate but there is the innovative tutor to help! SCORE it is!

They have a unique approach has led to incredible growth, and today SCORE! operates more than 160 Centers in 11 states. NO WONDER!

As they continue to refine and optimize it's learning centers success and excellence, they have built relationships with more schools in more communities, and open new learning centers in regions throughout the country. The excitement at SCORE! continues to grow.

SCORE is an excellent innovative tutor.

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