Friday, June 1, 2007


Fetish fashion is a type of clothing usually created to be extreme or provocative. These styles are not usually worn by the majority of people on any regular basis. They are usually made of materials such as leather, latex, nylon, rubber and pvc, spandex and fishnet. Some fetish fashion items include: stiletto heel shoes and boots, hobble skirts, corsets, collars, full-body latex catsuits, stockings, garters and stylized costumes based on more traditional outfits, such as wedding dresses that are almost completely see-through lace.

Fetish fashions are sometimes confused with costuming, because both are usually understood to be clothing that is not worn as the usual wardrobe of people, and is instead worn to create a particular reaction. However, costuming usually refers to clothing that the wearer uses for concealing or taking on traits that the wearer does not possess, such as a person wearing a full body werewolf skin. Such a costume would not be considered fetish fashion, although a woman wearing a period 18th century French gown might be.

Fetish fashions are usually considered to be separate from those clothing items used in cosplay, whereby these exotic fashions are specifically used as costuming to effect a certain situation rather than to be merely worn; such as the creation of a character for picture play. However, sometimes the two areas do overlap. For example, in Japan, many themed restaurants have waitresses who wear costumes such as a suit made of latex or a stylized French maid outfit. These waitresses may also wear these costumes outside of work time for personal enjoyment.

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