Friday, June 1, 2007

28 days later...

Drug rehabilitation is an important part of the recovery process for anyone addicted. For someone who has never been in a rehabilitation center, the fear of the unknown can be intimidating. Having a brief understanding of what to expect when they enter the facility can be helpful.

There are different drug rehab centers and each offer something unique. In general, a person wants to look for a center that approaches the treatment plan in more than one way. Even when the physical aspect of a dependency on drugs or alcohol is being addressed, the person’s psychological need for the substance can’t be overlooked. Therefore, finding a center that offers a well-rounded and complete treatment plan is imperative.

There is a brand new drug rehab for just 28 days long located in Michigan. Treating addicts from across the country. In my own opinion 28 days is much better than 90 day programs.

Well a 90 day program means someone will get 10 weeks to learn and practice new behavior, not 2 weeks as in a 28 day program. They about 10 times as much treatment as in a 1 month program. They get past the euphoria of simply being sober and get down to the hard work of change.

Their programs are kind of challenging and multifaceted. Rather than focusing solely on the addiction, they build on the individual’s strengths so the experience of addiction becomes a learning opportunity. They assist to change your addiction from a barrier to a stepping-stone to increased effectiveness in all aspects of your life.

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