Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Fun Games!

Have you seen the Reno 911! Miami The Movie? The unrated dvd just came out and to celebrate Fox tv added some fun games to the Reno 911! Miami The Movie dvd website.

I have visited Reno 911! Miami The Movie dvd site at and saw the fun games that they have. They have four games to choose from game 1 is most wanted, game 2 is calling all units, game 3 is Midnight shootout and game 4 is PSA.

I have played all four games, but my most favorite here is game 2 calling all units. The game is about an officers first day in this job and was sent out onto the streets to see and deal with the real world and it's crimes.

Before I played the game

Cost to city: $0.00
Salary: $30000.00
Bustin' bonus: $0.00

After 10 mins playing it... Look what I got

Cost to city: $ 86000.00
Salary: $ 14400.00
Bustin' bonus: $ 1000.00

I owe alot from the city see that? And my salary what happend?, from $30000.00 it's now $14400.00 where is the $15600.00????

Am not really good in driving and looking at some scanner at the same time I cannot multi task, that is good I did not became a police officer cause I don't think I'll be good in it. This game is very challenging to me so later after I finish blogging I will go to Reno 911! Miami The Movie unrated dvd release website and play again!

Little about the Movie

The story centers on a rag-tag team of Reno cops that are called in to save the day after a terrorist attack disrupts a national police convention in Miami Beach during spring break. They're not the best, but that's all we got. Based on the successful Comedy Central TV series.