Tuesday, June 5, 2007

SEX Museum (Part 1 - Kink)

Have you ever heard of a furry, sploshing or ponyplay? The Museum of Sex’s most hands on exhibition to date, Kink: Geography of the Erotic Imagination will take museum patrons on an eye-opening tour through the geography of sexual fantasy with our guide Katharine Gates, the author of Deviant Desires: Incredibly Strange Sex. KINK will follow Gate’s erotic roadmap through the odors, textures, and sensations that form the core appeal of many erotic kinks and fetishes.

So this is just the continuation of our visit at museumofSEX, it was four floors of just all about sex.

... The first floor was the store. [I was really tempted to buy something for myself am just shy cuz Manat is just all over me he he he...]

Yeah the museum was pretty much big imagine four floors! And at that time they have three exhibits or shall I call it exhibitions? At that time we went there were showing Kink, Action and Spotlight!

This is some of the things in first floor...

Well this ain't your ordinary clown! [I think this is called fetish fashion.]

The infamous gas masks! [What is really funny is that Manat was here at my place last week right, so I was fixing my closet and she just saw my gas mask... I saw her face, she really is surprise to see my mask... She was kind of hesitant to ask me first, on what do I do with it. So to satisfy her curiosity... I told her, and let her do me with my mask on... Charot! Pero parang gusto ko yong ganun... LOL.]

This one right here is called medical fetish... Some people like it hot... And others likes to be shag by Doctors or Nurses... That is called role playing.

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