Sunday, June 3, 2007

My Longweekend With R (Day 2 Part 2)

So here is the continuation of Day 2... After Madame Tussuad's we went to a SEX Museum somewhere in Downtown, I never thought we have such museums like this in America, I though it only existed in Netherlands. [Mga ma-e-elya kasi mga tao doon eh.]

This is outside the museum... O diba kink kung kink ang labanan!

This is inside the museum's store. [Yeah they sell almost everything here... like sex toys and books of how to BLAH for dummies... and some barriers too. I should have bought JC, Bea and Tita C5's token here the dental dam. Lima piso lang eh. *Sayang sabay snap ng fingers!*]

Uh okay... No thanks... Please I will never touch or lick that exhibit! Let alone stroke! ha ha ha... Ewwwww...

This is before we enter the SEX mueum...

This is the first floor of the museum... On this floor they exhibit fetishes and the like and it's sub-categories like BDSM/SM etc.. etc.. etc..

... See the photo? Innit that enough?

Oh well i know y'all want to see more... I'll be back for part 3 of this SEX museum... Be ready!

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