Thursday, June 28, 2007

online dating

Online dating anyone??? I know that online dating is still kind of a taboo for most of people out there. - I don't give a flying care!

I've had an online relationship before, not just one thou I think I've had three girlfriends that I meet online! Surprise? Don't be! It's the most convenient thing to meet people specially for me. As you all know I work almost most of the time and have no more time meeting people at the clubs and I am not really comfortable with meeting someone at the club and just getting it on! I want to meet someone and talk first and if there's a connection then well get it on he he he... No just kidding Am not that kind of person. I just like to talk first and as I've said if I know that there's something more that's the time to make the moves and decide to meet up.

Oh well back to my online relationship, yeah it pretty darn well worked out it lasted about a year and a half and after that we just called it quits, - actually I wasn't really expecting that we'll last that long... I thought it's just one of the so called hook ups or booty calls lol.

We chatted for about two weeks and after that I decided to go to the next level (the phone) - of course I need to know her first, it's pretty scary talking and meeting up with someone you barely know! (you never know what's there for you!) Just have to do, what I have to do.

Chatting is good and talking on the phone was much better - of course now I could hear how she sound like... Meeting in person is, I know much, much, much better than this! (but it's scary! lol)
It is! It's just that what if the other person is expecting MORE? Like I dunno if were the same page there or phase. Online and on the phone were fine right? Just what if Am not attracted to her when I finally see her? (those are the questions that really bothers me!) Tell me Am bad, but I want some physical attraction too! Physical attraction counts big time with me. I am a sucker for pretty faces! I know that's not really important or you may even say that am to shallow but this is me.

After talking for almost three weeks time... Remember we talked online for two and one on the phone. We finally agreed to meet face-to-face! Everything seem fine, it's not that scary at all (she's damn hot! awww sizzles...) As far as I could remember I still have that connection from the first time. It's not that bad at all!

We dated for a year and a half and called it quits. It's just a nice relationship turn bad, because of we have alot of issues being together and we can't figure out how to "resolve" those issues but hey no regrets!

After that I found about FriendFinder. Some of my friends used this site and they pretty get along with their significant other up to now, if they just introduced this to me a bit earlier maybe Am like them... I don't know... I might also found long-lasting-fruitful relationship with FriendFinder like my friends...