Thursday, June 21, 2007


Today and the past few days I've been waking up so early like 6am and get home about 8 or 9 ish and still do some chores of course I can't afford a maid, so I am my own maid at my own home. Sometimes it's just so tiring doing the same old routine everyday!

It's is very routinary for me... My weeks starts with my full time job which is a 9-5 job that's from Monday - Friday and on Saturday I have this part job taking care of an old lady... My only rest day is Sunday and I would not consider it rest day cause I have to be and spend time with my girlfriend Manat! - I am not complaining... All am saying is am tired and I want a MAID... [I need help in my home, doing cleaning, grocery shopping and anything that has to do with maintaining a home.]

I used to go out every weekend Friday and Saturday nights... But now? No more, I am so preoccupied with alot of things! I miss having that life... I miss going to clubs and malls - just spending endless extra hours... He he he... Well I still go out thou, but maybe just once or twice a month... I just want to have a time... A time for myself... A time to spend to family and friends... Let alone alone time.

I wonder if I can get a maid for less... Here in America labor is very expensive! Especially those kind of jobs... I am no rich person to get a helper or something like that... I am just a regular employee... Anybody out here can help me find help with paying less? Any Mexicans out there? Just kidding!

Wish me luck with this journey, called Diwatangbyaning as the domesticated fairie!

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Anonymous said...

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