Friday, June 22, 2007

Visiting Europe?

Do you like Europe and visit there always on a last minute?, and just could not get good deals or last minute specials since most of the travel industry store asks for 14 days in advance upon reservations?

Any day now I have plans in going to Iceland but not sure of when yet since I could not get a hold of my cousin who lives there. Yeah-yeah-yeah this trip could be a last minute for me... I just don't want go ahead do everything for now since I haven't talk to her yet.

I wish I still get to have hot deals if ever am leaving within a week. *Haaayyy... [sighs...]*
I browsed the net and search for last minute Cheap Hotels in Iceland and my search was re-directed to I like this site cause they offer alot of UK destinations at affordable prices. I have learned too that their Hotels are priced per room, Hostels are priced usually per bed and most importantly many of their properties offer FREE parking - this is very essential to me!

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