Friday, June 29, 2007

pets and wiki

I HEART pets, especially dogs! Just couldn't get one for myself cause I have very, very, very bad allergies in pet dander! But tomorrow (Saturday) I will be moving into a new house with a new roommate that has a pet dog. I checked Wikipedia about my allergies on pets and I have found out that am just allergic to pets that are furry, like Chow-Chow, Japanese Spitz and the like. My roommates dog is a Shitz Shu and according to my research I am not allergic to that kind of breed - whew what a relief! But still wish me luck!

Months ago I have baby sat for a dog it's a cross breed dog from Europe he got sick (vomiting and just keep losing bowels) while with me... And his parents (The owners) are on vacation and I just don't know what to do... I was so helpless, since am not really used in taking care of pets. I so tense cause I just don't know how I can help him. I did not know that I could get to the net and check Pet Health Wiki. Well I did not know that there's a Wiki now for pets, that'll be so helpful for people like me who has no backgrounds for pets!

So yeah I will be moving tom, and most of the time it's gonna be me and the dog at the house at all times since my roommate is a super duper busy person. So it's like I will be looking out for him (the dog, not my roommate! heheeh) most of my time if am home! It's okay I know it is a little difficult for me not "having" backgrounds on taking care of a dog... But I guess I'll be FINE since there is Pet Health Wiki all I have to do is to to their site and Viola!!! Right next at my fingertips.

I say this is very convenient for busy people! Cause they don't have to call or go to their Vets if they have concerns about their pets.

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