Thursday, June 14, 2007

Instant Cash

Oh I dunno what to say anymore in our latest technologies, sometimes I just felt left out... There's just alot of new techies out there... And one of them is Visa Buxx

It is a card that helps parents teach kids and teens to be responsible, manage their money and spend it right...

There are two kinds of Visa Buxx , first for the kids under 12 years and the second one is for teens 13 years and up.

Is kind of a system that for parents to track chores and allowance system. PAYjr offers an allowance and chore system that allows parents to assign household chores online, designate a money value for those chores, and provide a financial reward when chores are successfully completed.

It also supports instant messaging, e-mail and text messaging to notify children when their parents assign new chores or when money has been deposited into their Visa Buxx account or other savings account. Likewise PAYjr notifies parents when a chore has been completed, building up a record of chores over time.

This is sorta CRM billing system for the family. The use of online tracking applied to kids chores is a good idea, adding support for txt and instant messaging makes it better again.

Its also a great parenting tool because parents can see all card activity so they know where their child is spending money and how. Plus, parents can suspend the card if needed. The parent is in complete control!

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