Monday, June 11, 2007

Online Coupons

I haven't done much shopping online lately. Mainly because I am broke and don't have any money to go shopping at all. I am hoping to change my job change so I'll have a little extra money to spend on things I need as well as things that I wanted. Of course even if I had loads of money I probably would still use coupons with promo codes. Call me cheap or tightwad... Who doesn't want to save some BIG BUCKS using promo codes.

Hopefully I'll be able to do some online shopping pretty soon. I miss shopping at my favorites to name a few are... Target, Best buy, Amazon,, Kohl's,, Home depot, Gap and Dell.

Online shopping is very convenient in my own opinion and experience. Imagine sitting in your own home and do shopping? Before when I still have my high paying six figure job... I was able to buy gifts for all my family Oh, it was very convenient. and my best buddies with their oh so good deals.

Another good thing about shopping online is that you can do your research and get handy little promo codes at Coupon Chief they have coupons and promo codes for online shopping at some of my favorite stores: and . Personally, I think that a coupon the practically invaluable. I mean, I will go into the store and intend to buy one thing, and instead come out with tons of stuff. A coupon would make the blow easier.

So, if you're a chronic shopper like me and you want to go to the store but can't, head over to Coupon Chief and you can still go shopping. And save alot of MONEY!

This is a sponsored post.