Thursday, June 7, 2007

Color me

I've took my girl to a local farm to pick our own fruit. So far, we've picked strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, peaches and blackberries. I just took her and her friends to the farm this morning for our third and final batch of peaches and in a week or two we will go back and pick apples. It's really a fun thing for the kids - they can get dirty and they get to see where their food comes from -- and the parents, too. It's really a fun activity.

But sometimes I noticed that she easily gets bored doing this every time.

As a parent I wanted to know what more activities I can give her and still have fun...

She's pretty tired of theme parks, zoo's, park, play grounds, the library, her barbie and let alone play dates that I make with her other friends.

I dunno but she finds the computers very interesting! For reals! Not just that... She likes going to the cyberspace.

Yeah for whatever it’s called, the majority of kids in developed nations are now going online to exchange electronic mail (E-mail) and instant messages; participate in chat groups; post and read messages in social networking sites, “surf” the world wide web; and many other online activities.

Children are no exception in fact they are more likely to be online than adults.

Personal computers are no longer the only method used for accessing the Internet. Children can go online from personal computers at home, a friend’s house, in school, a library, club, or cafe. Many game consoles can be connected to the Internet and used for chatting and other online interaction. It is also possible to access the Internet on mobile devices such as cellular telephones and other handheld devices. In other words children don’t have to be in the company of responsible adults to use the Internet. Sometimes I think too much too. Am just worried about my kid!

There are no censors on the Internet. Anyone in the world — companies, governments, organizations, and individuals — can publish material on the Internet. A service provider links you to these sites, but it can’t control what is on them. It’s up to individuals to make sure that they behave in a way that’s safe and appropriate.

As a parent I think... I just have to supervised her regarding this matter.

Are you like me? Looking for some activities that your child can do this Summer that's not gonna bore them to death?

What does your child likes? Does your child have interests in arts? Maybe you can introduce them the Coloring Pages

It is fun! Specially for teen girls, cuz they specialize in contents that is made specially to suit their needs. (Teen girls and I think will work for any kids too.)

Coloring pages allows you to use existing pictures and fill them with any color selected from the palette. You select a color and click an area on the picture that you would like to "fill".

And You can also upload your own pen-and-ink picture. You need to have the outline closed on the drawing, otherwise color filling will not work as expected.

You can upload your own drawing and share the URL with your friends so they can all try to color your picture.

You can always save the picture when you are done (Free Registered Account Required).

Coloring Pages for Kids

Coloring pages section that allows to upload pen-and-ink artwork and create interactive online coloring game. People can color pictures online and view colorings by others.

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