Thursday, June 21, 2007

beaches vacation

I really like to have a nice vacation at some nice beaches around. Have time for myself and relax under the sun, but with my busy schedule I could not. When I was still a little tiny small girl I dream of going to the beach and Build A Sandcastle for myself and my family cause I know it is gonna be all fun specially if my busy family is gonna join me built it.

I was browsing the net and found some useful free tools over the net and yes for building a sandcastle it is fun even a 5 year old can do it. Yep that is the sandcastle that I have built myself isn't it nice? See I have sea shells, beach balls, buckets, birds flying over my sandcastle and of course sands alot of sands and yeah they are colored that's why it is so nice!

This E-card sandcastle is very easy to do believe me! It didn't even took ten minutes of my precious time. I really had a great time doing this thing, and I think I will still do it. When I was doing this I am just imagining that I was right next to that beautiful beach he he he...