Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Summer Programs

It's Summer again! I don't want my kid getting bored doing nothing all Summer long! There's gotta be some Summer Program that I have to find for her!

Summer is time for theme parks and shore sure fun yeah! But it is not all about fun... Since my daughter is having some problems with her reading.

Well I already told her before that if she didn't get some A's for her reading, well no fun in the sun, but instead she'll be spending all her Summer brushing up with her reading skills. - That is what I call fun...

I want her to improve her reading! That is why she'll be joining Summer Program at Score to improve her reading skills.

Score is a tutoring center and is designed for children ages 4 through 14.

I was told by my friend whose kid went to Score for some improvements on his math. That they do a lot of positive things there like reinforcements and motivations, which is kind of important to me. The tutoring they provide is made for each child.

I want my daughter to be confident and I believe that at Score Educational Centers, kids can raise their confidence level as well as their academic skills

This is a sponsored post.