Monday, June 18, 2007

Are you a survivor?

Are you??? Oh well I don't care if you are or not, but I am! I am a survivor!

I'm a survivor (What?)
I'm not gonna give up (What?)
I'm not gonna stop (What?)
I'm gonna work harder (What?)
I'm a survivor (What?)
I'm gonna make it (What?)
I will survive (What?)
Keep on survivin' (What?)
[Diwata Sings...]

Ooppsiee my bad I got carried away! He he he he...

Ohh if you are an avid reader here, you may have read my entry months ago, my ass got stuck at some stupid airport, I was so freaking mad! The airline didn't give any hotel accommodations, food coupon and or a phone card so I can call my family back here in the States and tell them that am still alive and just got stranded at the airport gRrrrr...

At first I was just smiling and was thinking that this is just some kind of joke... Cause I thought I was just being Punk'd by Ashton?)$@$#(**($$@... But it's not! I was mad as hell...

I don't speak and understand any language that they spoke it was just hard for me to communicate with the people at that airport, I did not have enough cash with me at that time. All I got is a credit card and a debit card which is not a visa/mastercard or american experess it is the unfablous and unfamous discover card, and the stores at the airport doesn't accept my cards it really sucks cause I don't know until when am gonna be stuck there as a freaking "refugee".

But you know what? That is very good that I have some saltine crackers [I don't know how old the crackers are... But still manage to eat it even it's stale already.] in my hand carry and some ginger ale that I took from the plane, it's such a blessing for me cause if I didn't have this I may have died of hunger already, and another thing it's good that I have my guitar with me I played it and sang at the airport just to make some monies for my next meal.

I have slept on the floor too of that airport. Since the airline said that they are not providing some meals and accommodations to it's passengers since the problem was a weather related and wasn't on their side. [I was crying when I phoned my family back here in the States. I pity myself at that time. So much!]

When I have heard of USA Network's Burn Notice It kind of reminds me of my airport story! Burn Notice is starting June 28th starring Michael Weston, a CIA Operative on USA Network's new TV series, Burn Notice, will show us how he deals with a similar situation.

Checkout to learn how he survives.