Thursday, June 7, 2007

i am getting frustrated!

Here's the deal, I have been looking for other jobs since last December 2006 up to now, but I guess am not that lucky... Cause up to now I haven't found anything yet. [Sucks for me!]

Well about three weeks ago, I called my old boss and I was asking him if I could work for him again. He didn't say anything, instead he just told me that he'll be calling me "this week" cause he has to work on the schedules and BLAH... BLAH... BLAH... BLAH...

I told him everything... Like what I was planning...

Yeah am gonna take a week vacation from my current job and have training with you. So well go from there, just give me a week of two weeks and I'll be with you. [Cause at least I need to have an advance notice from my current job right?]

No, actually he had called me few days ago... Like he wanted me to come and see him today and tomorrow... I just can't! Cause my vacation has been filed already. [I can't just messed that up, and what am I gonna say to my current boss? Oh yeah... Am sick? GREAT! And following week am on vacation? JUST GREAT! GRRRRR...]

After that conversation I haven't heard from him again... I dunno if he got mad at me... Cuz he doesn't pick up my calls anymore and sometimes he would cancel my call... Fantastic! I gave up., I don't want to call him anymore and ask what's happening next week. If he wanted me he would call me... Right?

So next week I dunno what am up to... If am still on with that training or WHAT!)**&%!#@$$& ^$#! [Whatta bummer!]

Plan B, was am just gonna spend that whole week with Manat. So that means blogging will be off line again and it's just sad cuz...

No blogging No revenue... [This is my new slogan!]

Waaahhhhhhh... Waaaaaahhhhhhh... Wahhhhhhhhh..... Ahhhhhhhhh...

Maybe getting a new job is not meant yet to be... What do you think???

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