Friday, June 8, 2007

New Treatment?

Are you and or someone you love is struggling addiction with painkillers? Are you suffering from an injury in a car accident, or have simple slp and fall, or have lifted a box awkwardly?, or has strain muscles while working out from the gym. Or perhaps just recovering from surgery or cancer treatment or severe arthritis...

In any case, your physician is likely to prescribe a painkiller to help you manage the discomfort. Yet weeks or months later - long after the initial injury may have healed - you're still taking Vicodin or OxyContin or other opioid painkillers. In fact, with pain and discomfort becoming more frequent, you're taking an alarmingly higher dosage than you were in the beginning.

Ever heard of how tough the detox for OxyContin or Vicodin can be? But don't worry there's a new treatment to help fight prescription drug addiction without drug rehab or hospitalization at Suboxone Detox Centers.

Suboxone Detox Centers have developed a new way for people to fight addiction to opiates like methadone or prescription drugs (Vicodin, OxyContin, etc.) without having to go to an expensive hospital or to a 90 and or 30-day rehabs. The Meditox Method involves a new medicine called Suboxone. Suboxone works to replace the opiates in the system while also removing cravings and withdrawal symptoms. Suboxone works as an opiate antagonist, so using the drugs will no longer have any effect and detox can take place with much higher chances of success.

Combined with the 1-on-1 Case management, Therapy and aftercare recommendations, Meditox makes it possible for someone to detox and then return to work or family after just one doctor's visit. For anyone with a methadone or prescription drug addiction who is unable to drop out of their lives, suboxone treatment could be the perfect answer!

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