Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Okay work, work, work and work... Chop chop chop!

Am TIRED! Imagine am working 4 jobs now... 1 full time and 3 other jobs are just part time.

From Monday - Friday I work as a full time maid, unlike other maids my day starts at 9:30am - 6:00pm. It's pretty tough job, cause I have to take care of 2 kids, feed them and take them to school. After that I have to get back home and do a little bit of cleaning, laundry and some ironing... Most of the times I really get bored doing this things, it's pretty much like this every day.

2nd job is working with an old lady during Saturdays from 10:30am - 6:00pm, the same thing... I feed her, bathe her and ohh haayy there's alot of lifting! Since she had stroke and could not help her self anymore it's all me whose lifting her.

3rd job is blogging! I blog almost every day. I usually do this around midnight up to whenever, I start doing my entries when Manat is already sleeping...
Why? Because it is just TOO MUCH English for me...
Cuz you see, were gonna be on the phone and at the same time I'll be blogging it's both in English right, just too much English conversations ugh! [Nagdudugo ang ilong ko!]
If you just pay attention, check it... Lately I've been publishing 10 entries in a day! He he he... [INC. - I Need Cash!] - One of my co-workers here is Chuva. We are on the same shift... Graveyard.

My 4th job during Sundays is Manat - The only part time job that I don't get paid, but instead i get laid!!! Hek hek hek hek...
And hopefully no more 5th job coming... [Kung may pang-lima pa saksakin nyo na lang ako sa leeg!] usually I start here very early and finish pretty late - O diba quality time daw.

Feeling ko para akong si Quracha ang babaeng walang pahinga.
Call me Diwata, ang byaning na walang pahinga... Haayyy...
Ni kurap eh hindi ko na magawa... Buhay nga naman!

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