Monday, June 18, 2007

my addiction

I was about to buy an instant game (scratch off) yesterday at some vending machine (o diba pati lottery vending na din!) I asked her to pick anything that she think that is interesting cause am just like that am superstitious when it comes to people with non-gambling experiences! She doesn't like to pick anything and told me not to buy any.

She told me a story about, her grandmother which was a hardcore gambler she even sold her house, car and even her soul for gambling money. That's why she kind of not like it. i did not know that not until yesterday.

She hates gambling. She hates smoking and it's smell. She hates drinking and people getting f*ck up.

Everything she hates, is in me. [I smoke like a chimney, I drink as if there's no tomorrow, I gamble a little just lottery thou.] Let alone my bah eating habits... The binging and purging...

I asked her... What did you like about me? It seems like everything you hated is what makes me happy!*^$@@^^&_). I cannot change you, and just smiled at me... [I am confused.]

I was thinking if she's also like other girls that I have dated before... Like she just want me for my body... I hoped not! [I want her to want me for what I am. Not for what I can do and what I have!] Not to brag or anything but I have a nice bod and nice bazoongas! [My brains are bigger than my boobbies!]

At the end of the day, I lighted a cig and she said that's gonna be your last okay! [You had 12 already!] Aba binibnilangan pala ako. Ano ka mathematician?

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Vicki said...


sobra pa sa mathematician....
lahat na katali