Thursday, June 14, 2007


People noticed that I complain far too much! [I noticed that too!!!]

I have a full time job but I want more... Since I pretty much have all the time in the world (This is before I met Manat.) I want more moola for my shopping spree, alcohol and tobacco consumption ... I asked for another job... I got one already, oppsie not just one... My Saturday with Tanty and after I get off from Tanty and still have time and energy I would still clean Chuva's place while blogging for money and at the same time eating fire and walking bare foot at some 90 degrees coal. [YES, I am a multitasker and an acrobat.] I got what I wanted!

And not just that... See I haven't been in a relationship for a very lll-lllloooong, loooonggg, looooongggg time. I miss being with a girl and miss someone caring for me, then I asked for a nice girl and then came Manat. [My full time during Sunday.]

So I got everything that I really wanted all at the same time. Oh yeah it's pretty overwhelming, all at the same time. [Sometimes I feel just so tired... I sometimes felt that I don't have time for myself anymore.] So what I do? I moan and groan all the time.

Don't get me wrong. I am happy to have these things that I have asked for... It's just every things kind of sudden for me. Sometimes I think if am really ready for these... All of these...

I think I am... Just being myself - Complicated!

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Vicki said...

thanks for sharing....nice to know you....

thanks for sharing your kaulolan

bye n thank you