Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Hit it hard!

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I don't earn that much from blogging..., But you know what?

I have been paying my rent and some bills with blogging... Innit great?

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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

easy now no need fi go down...

I was talking to my best friend from Long Beach, CA. last night thru ym and where doing a video chat. She was playing this song and was dancing in front of the camera, and it was just weird that I just found myself dancing too.

I just miss my Los Angeles and Nueva Yorka days! Back in the day I could dance for 8 hours straight non-stop (kinakarir ko sya) - Tipong kurap lang ang pahinga! Beat that! Of course, I can't do those stuffs anymore dahil sa may asawa na ako diba? Hindi na magandang tignan yan, kung gagawin ko diba? (palusot ko lang siguro yong may asawa na ako. ang totoo nyan siguro ay nirarayuma na akong madalas. he he he) Nakaka-miss lang ba, ang magwala lol. Actually I miss West Coast and it's non-stop parties...

Compared to where am I now, mabilis ang buhay doon... Palibhasa sa bukirin ako nakatira ngayon.
[Magtanim ay di biro, maghapon kang nakayuko... la la la]


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Monday, October 29, 2007

Sunday: Thai Temple

Silly Sally this is not taken from some refugee camp in Darfur!

And they are not waiting for their daily ration at some soup kitchen, they line up here waiting for the monks to come up so they could give their offerings.

Last Sunday we went to the Temple (Wat Mongkoltepmunee - very nice temple!), she wanted to visit temple cause her birthday is coming up...

This is my second time at this temple. The vicinity is very big and is really well taken care of. Anyhow, we was [I think it was just me...]

wondering while driving by at the temple we saw alot of people lining up and carrying silver bowls whatever you call that, and waiting for the monks.

[She forgot that, that day it's.... And it only happens once or twice a year] Mahal what kind of Buddhist are you! How dare you!!! LOL - of course I just said it to myself, cause if I say it out loud malamang pihado ramble na naman to.

Since it only happens once or twice a year. We decided to go out and buy something to give out to the monks. [Drove back and forth, trying to look for some stores selling some canned goods and the like. We have to give/buy something that would not turn bad that easily.] I like experiencing new things, it's fun. I get to see alot of people and learn some new stuffs.

Inside the temple.

These monks eat together after that service and after they ate there is a service again.

I remember - During my first time here, we were so in a hurry that we don't have time anymore to eat our breakfast, she doesn't want to be late. Breakfast is my most important meal! It's okay for me to skip lunch and dinner, but breakfast hell no! [Mainit ang ulo ko pag wala akong almusal!] So habang nakain sila naglalaway talaga ako noong time na yon. Iilan lang silang nakain that time tapos yong pagkain na nakahain sa kanila eh kala mo ba eh handa sa Pasko at isang batalyon ang imbitado! So I asked her, *people, forgive my ignorace please*... Mahal, they ate too much, it looks like they never eaten before. Dala na din ng inggit ko, takam na takam na kasi ako. Yon pala these monks, they only eat once a day and that's during midday. Eh malamang kung once a day mo lang din ako papakainin malamang isasama ko na doon ang Hannukah, Rosh Ha-Shanah, Shabbath at Bar Mitzva ko... Isang kainian lang o diba!

So where was I?

Okay at the temple still.

After we gave the offering, we went inside to pay respect and head out again to join other people to eat. It was a feast. The food was over flowing, not just food but very good Thai food I had never imagine.

[We just keep going back and forth inside the temple and whenever we go back, we have to remove our shoes of course. Uhggg, I have to tie and untie my shoe lace for over 10 times lol.]

Then we have to go around the temple while praying.

She kept telling me that I don't have to do whatever she is doing, cause am not Buddhist! I just don't want to look stupid there and just walk not putting my hands together. If I can't do what she's and everybody's doing then am better off waiting at some corner, Right? [Girl, we are not doing clubbing this early. We are going at the Temple and pray!] Look at what she's wearing, kala mo eh saang bar pupunta! Imberna, natalbugan na naman ako!

This is one of our issues (ooopsssie, it's normal pala sa amin. ha ha ha) as a couple, being competitive to each other.

Outside the temple some lady putting money on the tree.

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Nature Tripping

Last last week we went to Killadelphia Zoo, we just miss our beloved siblings... I have been living here in the area for quite sometime now and to be honest that was my first visit there, ever! [If not for Manat! I just don't find the reason going there... Sayang ang pera lol.]

Ohhh... See that? Humongous right? He he he

Such cuties aren't they?

Of course after that LQ (L**** Quarrel) it's time for making up... [Ito talagang si Mando, talaga namang Mando-dog-style!!!]

It looks like a Tarsier... But not it's not, just see how big this bad boy is.

I really find this couple very cute and interesting! They look like an Ewok.

[I like BIG butts and I cannot lie...] La-la-la-la-la-la-la

Not sure what is this... Naligaw ata, ungoy ang puntira namin eh...

Nagulat sa flash!

Awww, how sweet! [Parang kami ni Manat, pag tulog!]

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Friday, October 26, 2007

Successful Examinees - 2007 Licensure Examination for Teachers

Exam Results
Successful Examinees - 2007 Licensure Examination for Teachers







Top 10 highest places:


1.Angelo Aniag Unay (Philippine Normal University-Manila) Macy Marie Mendoza Valdez (Philiipine Normal University Manila)

2.Mark Gleen Ocasla Cidro (Philippine Normal University-Manila) Ma. Luisa Odi Marcelo (Philippine Normal University-Manila)

3.Gerry Cabrera Areta (Philippine Normal University-Manila) Babylen Abaja Arit (Philippine Normal University-Lopez, Quezon) Grace Ann Sauquillo Estores (Philippine Normal University-Manila)

4.Candy Pearl Nacario Cabag (Philippine Normal University-Manila) Pinky Laser Escalona Ilaga (Philippine Normal University-Manila) Jenny Carlos Paguyo (University of the Philippines-Diliman) Joseph Randolph Pino Palattao (Philippine Normal University-Manila)

5.Jonalee Cataquiz Bandoquillo (University of the Philippines - Diliman) Ruby Rose Rodriguez Briones (University of the Philippines-Diliman) Maria Ursula Gabon Caturan (Philippine Normal University-Manila) Hernilyn Veric Pelarco (Mindanao State University-Gen. Santos City) Raychel Hipolito Punsalan (Assumption College-Makati)

6.Nenita Balando Cabidog (Philippine Normal University-Manila) Phoebe Cesar Ocampo (University of Mindanao-Davao City) Ma. Lovena Veladiez Moneva (University of the Philippines- Diliman)

7.Janess Marie Caberte Encarnado (Holy Name University (Divine Word Tagbilaran) Kristine Frances Alcantara Muni (Universidad de Santa Isabel) Vannie Jill Estrella Samonte (Bicol University-Legazpi)

8.Nowell Santos Torres (Philippine Normal University-Manila) Nympha Dumaya Villanueva (Philippine Normal Univesity-Isabela)

9.Glyna Jamila Acenas (Andres Bonifacio College) Rhodaline Fajardo Escala (Philippine Normal University-Manila) Anita Cua Lim (University of the Philippines-Diliman) Hannah Mia Abrenica Navidad (University of the Philippines-Diliman) Alberto Urmeneta Rañin (Leyte Normal University) Louwell Ted Jayson Sevilla (University of Southeastern Philippines-Davao City)

10.Shiela Marie Perandos Castro (University of the Philippines -Diliman) Anna Renissa Sta Tersa Cuneta (Assumption College-Makati) Arthur Ronald Juinio Dayrit (Philippine Normal University-Manila) Christyn Amargo Escurzon (University of Mindanao-Davao City) Grizchelle Villanueva Odtuhan (Philippine Normal University-Manila)


1.Joel Lising Adamos (University of Santo Tomas) Manuel Tablante Eusebio (University of the Philippines-Diliman) Aaron Dalisay Galamgam (University of the Philippines-Diliman)

2.Virgo Mamaclay Gulan (Philippine Normal University-Isabela) Melissa Elinore Manuel Wang (Ateneo de Manila University -QC)

3.Sherwin Barrete Iñigo (Mindanao State University-Marawi City) Missy Dazzle Molinyawe Olea (University of the Philippines-Diliman) Blessilda Perez Rapoza (Philippine Normal University-Manila)

4.Eisha Vienna Maliksi Fernandez (Philippine Normal University-Manila) Julius Abel Bicos Galpao (Centro Escolar Unversity-Manila)

5.Rommel Ambal Ramos (University of Batangas)

6.Jorge JR Salvador Baclor (Philippine Normal University-Manila) Tom Ng Chu (University of the Philippines-Diliman) Celina Punzalan Sarmiento (Philippine Normal University-Manila)

7.Nestor Gonzales Acala (Mindanao State University-Marawi City) Ferdinand Licup Aguila (University of the Philippines-Diliman) Rachel Edita Oñate Roxas (University of the Philippines-Los Baños) Mona Lisa Pardilla Siacor (Central Philippine University)

8.Gissella Bahoyo Lebron (De La Salle University-Manila) Helma Yusa Mesa (University of the Philippines-Diliman)

9.Agripina Lagasca Arboleda (Saint Louis University) Oliver Garejo Daitol (University of the East-Caloocan) Angeli Soledad Roque Echiverri (University of the Philippines-Diliman) Angelita Profeta Radiel (University of the Philippines-Los Baños)

10.Krystal Dianne Masangkay Dolarte (Polytechnic University of the Philippines-Sta. Mesa) Glaiza David Tarine (Holy Angel University)

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Oak Beds

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Black Desire - Maitim na Hangarin

Naka plano na ang buong weekend na ito para sa amin, ang daming plano at gustong gawin pero kulang na kulang sa oras. Original plan is to see SawIV this Saturday, but I just remembered something... Since it's Halloween there's something special going on at Mullica Hill - hay ride, haunted houses and the like so, I called her last night and told her that there are some change on our plan... She sound so excited thou, as if there is something to be excited about - kung alam lang nya ang planong kong itutulak ko sya sa bangin doon sa Mullica Hill bwahahahahh...

Last Monday while we were talking, I told her that... We need to practice our Taekwondo, it's been awhile since both of us had our last practice and need to improve that kicking skills... Kaya sabi ko tara practice tayo, pwede bang tayo ang maging sparing partners? Payag naman sya at talaga naman daw she'll kick my ass... (Talaga lang ha? Nakakatakot naman ata yon diba?) High Pink belter ata ako no! Para patas ang laban namin diba? Sports lang walang personalan!!!

At sa Linggo sa darating na matagal na naming na plano pero udlot ng udlot lagi eh yong mag rock climbing kami... Pang 3 a beses o 4 na beses na itong na po-postpone kesyo mag b-birthday daw sya sa isang Linggo at kung pwede daw eh magpunta na lang kami muna sa Temple at sumamba... (Okay sige... Madali naman akong kausap eh.) *Sayang, sabay snap ng fingers... tsk-tsk-tsk hindi ko sya maiihulog!*

Mahal ko si Manat walang duda, mahal kong patayin (hahaha)! Pero may sama lang ako ng loob kaya talagang ganito ako ngayon. Minsang kausap ko si Manat at nakaharap ang kaibigan ko, tila kala mo angel ang kausap ni Manat sa kabilang linya pero natirik ang mga mata noong mga panahong iyon na tila kala mo eh nasasaniban, at pagkababa ko ng phone. (Ang plastic ko talaga no? Sambit ko sa aking kaibigan. - Hindi ka plastic! TANGA KA! Yan ba naman ang isinagot sa akin ni Bactidol.)

Tama na, ayaw ko na, hindi na ako magiisip na maka get-even ako! Sa isang Linggo ipaghahanda ko sya dahil kaarawan nya. Magluluto ako ng Thai Food with a touch of Filipino o diba. Bibili ako ng cake, choclit cake dahil yan ang paborito nya, at palalagyan ko ng dinamita sa loob para tapos na ang lahat ng ito - achus!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Prefab Garage

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Ang Katotohanan - Rebelasyon...

I was tagged by Chuvaness kilala nyo ba yon? Oo sya yong babaeng duguang ilong. Ngayon ilong ko naman dudugo sa pagsagot nitong 7 katotohanan tungkol sa akin...


1. Makulit - tipong 10 raise to the 10th power atang beses ako inire ng nanay ko eh.

2. Matanong - diba nga ang kasabihan, ang batang matanong, matalino. LOL

3. Maurirat - lahat inuurirat ko, kahit hindi na dapat.

3. Mahadera - ubod ng mahadera ahahah

4. Pasaway - sa lahat ng bagay.

5. OC-OC - kailangan ko pa bang heksplain yan? hindi ako mapakali minsan, gaya ni Adrian Monk.

6. Mataray - lalo na pag gutom.

7. Mapagpangap - Feeling ko kasi minsan ako si WanderWoman with wanderlust powers tarush...


1. Long-legged, Hindi ako gagamba ha!

2. Muganda! - Hindi na kailangan heksplain yan at imimurize!

3. Talented! - Kaya kong ipasok ang buo kong kamao sa bibig ko. Aihihihi hindi po ako taga perya sadyang talented lang po.

4. Artist! - Obyus naman diba?

5. Gorgeous

6. Smart


7. Classy - Kaya nga diba noong nakaraang Lingo nakipagbugbugan ako? Ha ha ha ha!!!

Now am tagging My, Skippy Heart, Tita Viki, Manilenya, Chuva and HRH Reyna Elena


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Tuesday, October 23, 2007



Ang dami kong isinasaloob sa ngayon, na tila hindi na ata makakawala sa dibdib ko. Masama ang loob ko sa totoo lang.

Nalala ko ang mga salitang nasabi sa akin ni Manat noon, (My last gf she studied Masters Degree, because I told her, if you are going to meet my parents at least you have to have a Master's Degree! At least you are higher than them!) Aray ko! Hindi ko na pinatulan pero sumama ang loob ko... Sobra, at sadyang kinimkim ko na lang ito sa aking sarili. Para kasi sa akin, kung mamahalin mo ako, mahalin mo ako kung ano man ako. Para sa akin wala akong kailangan patunayan kahit kanino pa man sayo man at sa ibang tao. PERIOOOD!!! Diba? Kuha nyo ba yong point? Gusto kong sabihin sa kanya, eh uto-uto pa lang ex mo... Naniwala sayo! ha ha ha... Parang ako diba? Bakit ba ako nasa eskwela ngayon? Diba dahil sa kanya? Hay naku, wala na lang sisihan, nageenjoy naman ako eh... Gandalicious ng nasa likod ko no ahhhiiiiihhhiiii...

Noong nakaraang araw ng Lingo na lumipas, nasabi ko na din sa wakas sa muka nya ang mga salitang, "I cannot be with you forever! One day were not going to be together anymore".... Hindi ako nagbibitiw ng mga ganyang salita, noon lamang. Sana lang kung ano man ang napagtatanto ko sa aking loob ay sana magtuloy-tuloy na. Suko na ako, taas kamay na ako isali mo na din ang paa!

Bakit ako nagkakaganito? Well ang nagtulak sa akin eh yong pananakit nya ng pisikal sa akin, tila hindi ko maalis sa isip ko at sa puso ko ang bagay na iyon at tila binabagabag ako sa twing maaalala ko, ang sakit parang nangyayari sya ulit sa akin.

Pinagdadasal ko na lang sa ngayon eh mapanindigan ko kung ano man sana ang maging desisyon ko. Aantayin ko pa bang mapagbuhatan ko sya ng kamay? At magkaeskamdaluha kami dito at magtawagan ng pulis? Sabi nya, sabi lang nya, di na daw mauulit yon... Sabi nya yan... Talagang hindi na una at huli na yon, dahil baka sunugin ko na sya ng buhay at isama ang abo nya kay Simba lol.

Theme Park

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MotherFather what a shame... I can't make up my mind, I don't know what I really want. I am a very impulsive person, I want to act and get a fast reaction, kaya minsan muka na akong tanga, double tanga at ngayon siguro kung magiging impulsive na naman ako eh triple tanga na lol [Mashado na akong naguguluhan, hindi ko minsan alam kung saan ko ilulugar ang sarili ko.] Maybe all I need is a vacation, but where? Let alone my schedule! Gusto kong makapagisa at lumayo ng magisa lamang ako at malaman ko sa sarili ko kung ano ba talaga ang hanap at gusto ko. Gusto kong makapagpahinga at makahinga. Gusto ko ng ESPASYO at peace of mind.

"Gusto kong pumunta kung saan walang linya ng internet at linya ng telepono. Yong tipo bang walang mangiistorbo sa aking pag-so-soul searching. Pero mukang mahihirapan ata akong hanapin ang vacation destination na iyan. Unless pupunta ako sa North Pole o sa Antartica."

Ang hirap pagtimban-timbangin ng mga bagay-gabay. Lalo na kung hindi mo alam kung ano ang titimbangin mo. Ayaw ko magpadalos-dalos ulit sa aking mga desisyon at padala sa aking emosyon at sa huli ako din ang babawi ng mga katagang aking bibitiwan. [Eh di fourpol tanga na ako noon? Diba nich?]

To be continued...


Looking for a wonderful Hotel Blackpool accommodation? Well the Big Blue Hotel is here! This unique hotel is located at the south entrance of Pleasure Beach on Ocean Boulevard. The said hotel consists of 157 beautifully designed bedrooms with oversized American space and a totally contemporary feel. Just perfect... For both business and leisure.

The Big Blue Hotel is just 5 minutes away from Blackpool Airport and just a short walk from Pleasure Beach which is on Ocean Boulevard and it's very own railway station. The hotel offers a spectacular views of Promenade - The Blackpool Promenade can be enjoyed on foot or by tram, taking in the Irish Sea air, the golden sands and the bustle of Blackpool's Golden Mile. Ohhh not to mention the award-winning restaurant!

The Big Blue Hotel was recently voted Hotel of the Year at the Blackpool Tourism Awards, yes of all the hotels in Blackpool, the Big Blue Hotel is the only new hotel to be built in Blackpool for over 25 years.

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Monday, October 22, 2007

Hanggang Kailan?

Kita iintindihin at mamahalin? Hanggang mapagod na lang ba ang puso ko?

Ang nakaraan...

Noong Sabado ng gabi, ang isang maliit na pagtatalo ay nahantong sa sapakan. Hindi ko inaasahan na aabot na kami sa ganitong sitwasyon, ang magkasakitan ng pisikal. Masakit sa akin, ang masapak ng mahal ko ang gawin nya sa akin ang ganoong bagay, dahil ako hindi ko kayang saktan mapa-pisikal o emosyonal ang taong mahalaga sa akin. [Let alone physical pain... Yong emosyonal na lang diba? Yong mga salita na lang na nabitiwan.]

Galit na galit ang pakiramdam nya sa akin ng gabing iyon, na kala mo'y napakalaki ng nagawa kong kasalanan. Masama bang magselos? Pero ang aming maliit na pagtatalo ay hindi dahil sa selos na iyon kung di dahil sa isang salita o bagay na nasabi nya at pilit ko syang gustong ipaliwanag sa akin, nang bigla na lang syang naghumiyaw na kala mo eh hinila ang T... Tenga ho lol. *nanahimik ako sa aking asar, ang kending kinakain ko... kinain at pilit kong inilagay sa aking bibig at itinapon ang balat sa kalye...] Alam kong ayaw nya yan, at isa yan sa mga pangaasar ko sa kanya.

Ng bigla syang magpasyang uuwi na daw sya at maiwan akong magisa. Ipinilit ko ang gusto kong makapiling sya at hindi sya pauwiin. Sa kagustuhan kong iyon at pagpipigil sa kanya. Sapak ang inabot ko. [Isang suntok sa ulo, at isang suntok sa may kilay.] Hindi pa din papigil ang lola ko, at patuloy pa din ako sa pagkalma sa kanya at pagpigil. Nang maabutan na naman ako ng [Isa sa dibdib at isa sa braso.] Masakit ang gawan ka ng ganito. Dahil sa tanda kong ito, sa mga dati kong napagdaanan ni isa walang nakasakit at wala akong nasaktan.

Wala akong magawa kungdi tangapin ang mga pananakit na iyon at iiyak sya pagkatapos. [Bakit ko pinababayaan ang sarili ko sa ganitong relasyon, ano ba talagang gusto ko?] Sabihin ko mang okay na ako at wala ng sakit eh ako'y isang sinungaling! Dahil masakit sya... Masakit ang mga salita at sabayan pa ng pisikal. Wala man akong pasa o galos sa katawan ko, pero sa loob ko meron. Tanga ba ako? Bakit ko ito pinababayan na mangyari sa akin? Pagmamahal pa ba ito? Hindi ko alam...

Siguro nga martir ako at tanga, dahil andito pa din ako pagkatapos ng mga pangaalispustang iyan. Iintayin ko na lang sigurong mapagod at magsawa ako at mawalan ng pakiramdam, hanggang masabi ko ang mga katagang ayaw ko na talaga... Sa Iyo!

Galit ako, dahil hindi man lang nya ako bigyan ng kahihiyan, sa kasama ko dito sa bahay at sa mga kapitbahay namin. Hindi naman ako nakatira sa deaf and mute community eh. Para hindi marinig ang mga sigaw nya noong sandaling iyon, na kala mo eh sya ang inaagrabyado. Ayaw ko ng eskandalo sa totoo lang. Pero tila ata ang jowa ko eh isang botangera! Wala na akong pakialam kung may hiya man sya sa akin o wala. Sa kasama ko na lang at mga kapitbahay namin, hindi naman mala mansyon ang bahay namin dito at ektarya-ektarya ang pagitan ng bawat bahay eh. Kaya ano mang ingay rinig na rinig. At hindi naman sya dapit-hapon nangyari halos madaling araw na din naman.

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Friday, October 19, 2007

What's Happening in Makati City?

At least 8 dead in Makati blast
Glorietta mall explosion also wounds 119 persons
Could be chemical explosive, investigators say

At least eight people were killed and 119 others were wounded when a powerful explosion rocked the Glorietta Mall in Makati City yesterday afternoon.

A powerful bomb exploded at around 1:20 pm at the parking area for delivery vehicles near the entrance of Glorietta 2 building, shattering the mall’s glass door entrances and damaging several vehicles in the vicinity.

Witnesses said the explosion appeared to have centered on an escalator which was near a cellphone repair shop.

Police investigators identified three of the fatalities who were killed on the spot as Janine Marcos, Alan dela Cruz and Nestor Perigrina.

Philippine National Police (PNP) Director General Avelino I. Razon Jr., said that the explosion was "likely caused by a bomb" and not a liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) tank.

Reynald A. Rosero, deputy chief of the Philippine Bomb Data Center, said the bomb used had highly explosive chemicals.

As this developed, police and military forces in Metro Manila were placed on red alert following the incident.

National Capital Region Police Office (NCRPO) director Geary Barias reported last night a bomb threat in three hospitals in Makati. The bomb threats were called in at around 7:30 p.m. last night to the Ospital ng Makati in Ayala, Ospital ng Makati in Rembo and the Makati Medical Center.

Razon ordered police commanders in Metro Manila to secure vital facilities such as the Light Railway Transit (LRT), Metro Rail Transit (MRT), communication facilities and other possible targets of terrorist attacks following the explosion.

Barias earlier said at a media briefing near the bomb blast site that they were still conducting an investigation and would not comment further.

"Malaking pagsabog ito, maaring hindi lang LPG. This was a bomb. But beyond that we can’t say anything else yet because we are still investigating. What I can say is that it was not caused by an LPG. Other than that we cannot speculate on the nature of origin of the explosion," Barias told reporters, pointing out though that they still have to complete their post-blast investigation to determine the cause of the explosion.

A Reuters report, quoting unnamed sources, said traces of C4 plastic explosives were found at the location. The bomb appeared to have been left near a cellphone repair shop at the bottom of an escalator, they said.

Barias said the explosion tore a 200square meter hole through the second level of the Glorietta 2 building, filling the ground floor with debris. He pointed out that the blast did not leave a crater.

He added that the bridge way connecting Glorietta 2 and Park Square 2 across the street also had some of its frames sticking out. Within the approximately ten meters from the blast site, several restaurants also sustained damages, mostly shattered glass panels.

As of 5 pm yesterday, the NCRPO chief said SWAT personnel were still scouring the immediate vicinity of the blast site for possible unexploded devices.

"Posibleng may mga tao pang naiwan sa loob kaya tsine-tsek pa naming mabuti yung area na yun na punung puno ng debris," he said.

As of 5 p.m., more than 40 people were being treated at the Makati Medical Center for injuries from the explosion while 31 others were rushed to the Ospital ng Makati (OSMAK).

Witness Tony Peredo, 37-year-old mall goer, said in an interview that the building shook for several seconds after a loud blast. What followed was mayhem as terror-stricken mall goers ran towards the nearest exits, toppling others on their way.

"Nasa second floor ako, ang lakas nung sumabog. Tapos umuga yung floor parang lindol," Peredo said.

Alfonso Reyes, spokesman of mall owner Ayala Land Inc. (ALI), said the portion of Glorietta 2 where the bomb exploded and the adjacent areas will remain closed indefinitely as engineers check the building’s structural integrity. The nearby Landmark mall was also closed late yesterday afternoon.

"As soon as the authorities give the green light, we will let people go back inside and retrieve their personal belongings. As of now our main priority is to extend full medical assistance to those hurt and injured," he said.

He said that they have not received any warnings or threats of a possible mall attack.

Reyes assured relatives of the victims of the blast that ALI will shoulder the hospital expenses of blast victims.

Meanwhile, Mayor City Mayor Jejomar C. Binay asked police authorities yesterday to be thorough in their investigation on the blast.

Binay issued the statement from Fukuoka, Japan where he is attending the Asian Scouting Conference.

He said that the investigation should be seen as credible, impartial and thorough in order to dispel speculations about a possible link between the explosion and recent political developments.

He said that given the present political situation, it is not easy to dismiss these speculations.

Search and rescue operations were ongoing as of early last night and authorities said the operations were likely to continue until today.

Manila has largely been spared a spate of bomb attacks by Muslim rebels that have plagued the southern Mindanao region.

But it has been hit in the past. A series of bomb blasts in 2000 killed at least 22 people.

In February 2004, more than 100 people were killed when a bomb planted by Abu Sayyaf rebels sank a ferry near Manila Bay, the country’s worst terror attack. (Felix Mediavillo)

Airports placed under full alert

The Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) was placed under full alert yesterday following the Glorietta bomb blast.

Airport general manager Alfonso Cusi, who is also the concurrent chair of the Airport Security Center, decided to increase the alert level at the NAIA Terminals 1 and 2 and at the Manila Domestic Airport.

"Even while the investigation of the blast is in progress, we have decided to increase the alert level at the NAIA as a precautionary measure. We do not want to be complacent." Cusi said.

The airport chief ordered the deployment of members of the Airport Police Department to undertake more frequent patrol of the Aircraft Movement Areas, increase the visibility outside Terminal areas, strictly implement access control and challenge procedures to intensify intelligence and monitoring tasks at the cargo warehouses within the NAIA complex.

NDCC activates operations center in Makati City

The National Disaster Coordinating Council (NDCC) yesterday activated an operations center in Makati City.

"The NDCC has activated (an operations) center just to give LGU support regarding the incident," Office of Civil Defense deputy administrator Dr. Anthony Golez said. "We are also giving financial assistance to the victims," he added.

Golez, who was touring hospitals where victims were possibly taken, said they were still not able to tell the identities of the victims. "It doesn’t look good," Golez said, describing how the victims’ bodies looked.

Hightened alert ordered but it’s business as usual for MRT, LRT systems

There was a heightened security alert but it was business as usual at the railway systems in Metro Manila despite the bombing incident at the Glorietta 2 mall in Ayala Center, Makati City.

Ret. Gen. Roberto Lastimoso, general manager of the Metro Rail Transit Line 3 (MRT-3) said operations went on normally at the EDSA system but stricter security measures were implemented.

Lastimoso said the stringent security measures were also enforced in anticipation of the usual Friday crowd taking the MRT-3.

Stricter security measures were also implemented at the Lines 1 (Monumento-Baclarn) and 2 (Santolan,PasigRecto,Manila) of the Light Rail Transit Authority (LRTA) according to its media relations officer, Jinky Jorgio.

Robles appealed to passengers to be patient with the stringent security measures in LRT stations since they are also for their own good.

It would be remembered that the Blumentritt Station of the LRTA’s Monumento-Baclaran line suffered a terrorist attack in Dec. 30, 2000 where 22 passengers were killed and 104 others were injured in what would come to be known as "Rizal Day Bombing."(JC Bello Ruiz)



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Thursday, October 18, 2007


I was tagged by My.

Kung hindi ko pa binisita hindi ko malalaman. Kainis talaga tong blogger, wala kasing notice dito pag may nag-link sa akin grrr.

Instructions: Each player starts with 7 random habits/facts about themselves. People who are tagged need to write on their own blog about their seven things, as well as these rules. At the end of your blog, you need to choose 7 people to get tagged and list their names. Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them that they have been tagged and to read your blog!

A - Age: 23 o diba!

B - Band Listening To Right Now: Ramdon, tutal life is ramdom ika nga!

C - Career: Nanny and PT

D - Drink or Smoke: drink - both

E - Easiest Friends To Talk To: Chuva and Michelle

G - Gummy Bears or Gummy Worms: both

H - Have a Boyfriend: Sorry, I don't do boyps

I - In love: Me, Myself and I! - Charingola, sino pa ba diba? Manat for LIFE! lol

J - Junk Food You Like: I don't eat junk foods it's fattening eh...

K - Kids: 0

L - Longest Ride Ever: From Los Angeles to Watsonville, From PA to VA

N- Names For Your Future Kids: Mae Ploy, Maesri, Thanaphon, Wallapa, Suksapa, Wanida... Kung Filipino naman, Pedro, Nenita, Nena, at Maria

O - One Wish You Have Now: Finish school asap.

P - Phobias: WALA!

Q - Favorite Quote: "Trying to forget someone you love is like trying to remember someone you never met".

R - Reasons To Smile: Life is good! Innit thou?

S - Sleeping Hours: Monday - Thurs 12 or 1 AM, Friday - Saturday 4 AM todo na ito and holidays too! Sunday hmm 11 PM

T - Time You Woke Up: almost 6 - 6:30 AM

U - Unknown Fact About You: Secret, let's just keep it unknown! Actually everything is known fact about me, my life has been a open book.

V - Vegetable You Hate: None, I eat almost everything and anything.

W - Worst Habit: Inquisitive lol habit ba yon? Well karir ko na nga yata yon eh ha ha ha ha hala

X - X-rays You’ve Had: Teeth almost every time I go visit my Dentist.

Y - Yummy Foods: Phad Thai, Papaya salad, Chicken, Hot and Sour soup

Z - Zodiac Sign: I don't belong to this.

Seven things about me:
Sweet, Pa-sweet at Nagma-ma-sweet
Fabulously Gorgeous

and of course


Walang aangal! Libre mangarap...

I am passing this Tag to Pazing, JJ, Blue Panjeet, Bisean, Chuvaness, Chuva and HRH Reyna Elena

You always brighten my day KC

SHARON CUNETA seemed irked when she was interviewed by “S-Files” regarding the picture of her daughter KC Concepcion and TV director Lino Cayetano (taken in Hong Kong) that came out in this column last week.

I respect Mega’s feelings. As a mom, I’m also protective of my kids. But since my son IC is in show biz, I have accepted the fact that it’s beyond my control when people take pictures of him with a date—and it lands in the papers. KC may not be actively in show biz but she’s a celebrity, like it or not, with all those commercials she has made.
When a reader e-mailed me the picture, I got excited and wanted to share it with everybody. Nobody can seem to get enough of KC. She really is hot property.

The same reader (Kace Cayetano—pure coincidence) have not sent me these pictures of KC and Lino taken at the wedding reception for friends of KC’s last Jan. 13 at Sofitel Philippine Plaza. It is my only hope that Shawie won’t take it against me. Just as she picks out wonderful songs for her repertoire, I also have to choose interesting subjects/pics for my column.

I am eternally grateful to Sha for all the help she selflessly extended during my ma’s ICU days and my darkest hours. But that’s a different story. Knowing Sha, she wouldn’t want to make a big fuss about that.

She’s that kind-hearted.

I hope that very same heart will forgive me for jumping at the sight of KC’s pictures with Lino and eagerly printing them here.

mamalicious ka talaga mama KC!


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Last Year

I was browsing my documents when I saw these pictures, it was last October at some Hotel in NY. It was my best-friend's wedding. Blah-Blah-Blah-Blah-Blah... The wedding was great!

We are still at the hotel (which was paid by my friend, since I am one of her guests that is from out of town.) It was just plain boring after the wedding nothing to do in the hotel, so we agreed to go to out! Not clubbing or some bar, but some gogo club. For a change. It was really fun. The girls are hot evah!) Ohh my friends husband was asking me if I would like a dance from the strippers... Well I would really like it, I haven't been done that thou. So he asked one of the girls if she would like to give me a dance... It's like $20.00 for a dance and dance like that last like 10 mins... *Ohh my gawd, can I just keep the money? lol. I wish you know!!!) Laki pala ng kita ng dancer. Kembot dito kembot doon, ngiti-ngiti tapos... So I picked the Asian girl, her name is Sarah she's Mongolian and Korean... I like the Korean part but the Mongolian uhh just too primitive ahihihiih...

She dance well, I like her service for real. So my friends are like... Just pick whatever you want and well take em' to the hotel! WHAT??? *virgin pa ako no!* But then Sarah is not available since she is already reserve for that night. Kaya nawalan na ako ng gana!

But my friends still insisted in getting some booty that night. Since their money is kind of short already, they just picked one of the girls there. A Cambodian - ohhhh exotic innit?

Where all plain drunk by the time we got back to the hotel. I really don't have an idea what's the girl going to do... I don't know what Cambodians specialized in... I know the Thais in pingpong (I remember back in the days, when my cousin took me to Patpong on Soi 3) It was kind of one of Thailand's tourist attraction. I even told Manat, that's the reason that's why I like to be with a Thai. They are simply special ahihihihihi charing! (Jokes are half meant!) *Sabay batok sa akin*
Back to our take home Cambodian Lush... She was okay... Well I guess, and no I believe in the saying "you get, what you pay for"

Here is our Cambodian Lush... Innit sexy? *Throws up!* LOL. No, she is really a good sport, whatever my friends say she would do it. Game na game sya, sobra...

She dance for everybody... As in pati ako hindi nakaligtas sa mga kamandag nya. *kahit pa magtitili ako, it's too late already!)

Pero, gusto ko syang tanungin noong mga sandaling iyon. Ning saan perya ka ba nag-peperform? Wehehehe...

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