Monday, October 15, 2007

You'll be missed!

My condolences to Simba's parent Chuva (She is a single mom, saludo ako sayo. Napalaki mo ng maayos ang anak mo... Charing!).

Ate wag mo na syang alalahanin, kung nasaan man sya ngayon masaya sya doon! Walang titang masungit at madamot sa laruan lol. He is in a better place. (kantahan at sayawan at madaming toys hindi iisa sa maghapon he he he...)

What really happened was all of a sudden for all of us here in S.J... Just last week he was full of joy. It started last Wednesday his health just start to deteriorate (he would not eat or drink anything. I even remember last Tuesday or Thursday I was at the door jiggling my keys and was waiting for a bark. There were no bark at all not even once. So I opened the door slowly and called his name he was there under the dining table hiding. I was grabbing his neck to take him out, his just not excited about going for a pee or poop. It is very strange for reals cause knowing him - lakwatsera yan no!) and the following days after that... Last night he was taken away from all of us here in S.J. It's just sad! Simba is the nicest dog I have ever meet. (Imagine he would be in the house for like 8-9 long hours and hold it's pee and poop and wait for it's Mom to take him out.) Kayo nasubukan nyo na bang hindi mapaihi at mapae*** ng 8-9 oras? Anong feeling? He he he... Okray lang!

(Kovu and Simba) - The brother from another motherfather!

May you rest in peace Rajah Simba (May 6 2004 - October 14, 2007)

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Chuva said...

thank you -- i will miss him a lot.