Monday, October 29, 2007

Sunday: Thai Temple

Silly Sally this is not taken from some refugee camp in Darfur!

And they are not waiting for their daily ration at some soup kitchen, they line up here waiting for the monks to come up so they could give their offerings.

Last Sunday we went to the Temple (Wat Mongkoltepmunee - very nice temple!), she wanted to visit temple cause her birthday is coming up...

This is my second time at this temple. The vicinity is very big and is really well taken care of. Anyhow, we was [I think it was just me...]

wondering while driving by at the temple we saw alot of people lining up and carrying silver bowls whatever you call that, and waiting for the monks.

[She forgot that, that day it's.... And it only happens once or twice a year] Mahal what kind of Buddhist are you! How dare you!!! LOL - of course I just said it to myself, cause if I say it out loud malamang pihado ramble na naman to.

Since it only happens once or twice a year. We decided to go out and buy something to give out to the monks. [Drove back and forth, trying to look for some stores selling some canned goods and the like. We have to give/buy something that would not turn bad that easily.] I like experiencing new things, it's fun. I get to see alot of people and learn some new stuffs.

Inside the temple.

These monks eat together after that service and after they ate there is a service again.

I remember - During my first time here, we were so in a hurry that we don't have time anymore to eat our breakfast, she doesn't want to be late. Breakfast is my most important meal! It's okay for me to skip lunch and dinner, but breakfast hell no! [Mainit ang ulo ko pag wala akong almusal!] So habang nakain sila naglalaway talaga ako noong time na yon. Iilan lang silang nakain that time tapos yong pagkain na nakahain sa kanila eh kala mo ba eh handa sa Pasko at isang batalyon ang imbitado! So I asked her, *people, forgive my ignorace please*... Mahal, they ate too much, it looks like they never eaten before. Dala na din ng inggit ko, takam na takam na kasi ako. Yon pala these monks, they only eat once a day and that's during midday. Eh malamang kung once a day mo lang din ako papakainin malamang isasama ko na doon ang Hannukah, Rosh Ha-Shanah, Shabbath at Bar Mitzva ko... Isang kainian lang o diba!

So where was I?

Okay at the temple still.

After we gave the offering, we went inside to pay respect and head out again to join other people to eat. It was a feast. The food was over flowing, not just food but very good Thai food I had never imagine.

[We just keep going back and forth inside the temple and whenever we go back, we have to remove our shoes of course. Uhggg, I have to tie and untie my shoe lace for over 10 times lol.]

Then we have to go around the temple while praying.

She kept telling me that I don't have to do whatever she is doing, cause am not Buddhist! I just don't want to look stupid there and just walk not putting my hands together. If I can't do what she's and everybody's doing then am better off waiting at some corner, Right? [Girl, we are not doing clubbing this early. We are going at the Temple and pray!] Look at what she's wearing, kala mo eh saang bar pupunta! Imberna, natalbugan na naman ako!

This is one of our issues (ooopsssie, it's normal pala sa amin. ha ha ha) as a couple, being competitive to each other.

Outside the temple some lady putting money on the tree.


vk said...

hello diwata,
ok alam ko na, kung hindi ako nagkamali ha?
balik ka sa blog, tingnan mo kung tama ako o hindi.....
pero parang hindi.....

dito sa last pics, ito ba siya?
ang ganda...

pag mali ako, sabihin mo sa akin, para delete ko ang pics, mo sa present post ko ha?

or hindi ko na idelete kung siya or ikaw yon....okdoki?

thanks for sharing the post, naka pasok lang ako ng ganito, noon nagpunta kami sa bangkok, yon sapatos sa labas talaga, pero hindi naman

ay oo nga sa sunod pag invited ako ng friend kong thai dito, na sumama sa kanya, they have this once a mo. maybe, sasama nga ako, para makakain, dami daw mga masarap na pagkain, offer daw pero pagka tapos
subukan nga.........heheheh

thanks ha?

vk said...

oo nga, about the Women´s Tracksuit...

pls. see this ......

Women's Tracksuit
$41.99 ...instead of pink, light blue ang gusto ko....

kaya lang, problem is the postage for sending here in germany, baka magbayad pa ng Custome fee pa...

kaya huwag na lang, maging mahal kung bayad pa ng postage n custome fee.....

thank you ha?

diwata said...

gusto ko din yang tita ang gusto ko yong itim, namamahalan nga lang ako lol.