Friday, October 5, 2007

I am a PT!

It is indeed a very long week and day for me. [tarbahu, jowa, aral atbp.] Kapagod!

It is good that it's already Friday! TGIF!!! I could breathe now... [Even am still working tomorrow, it's going to be easy!] Everyday is a challenge for me. I work hard and play even harder. I work and study at the same time... My life is simply a routine. I work my ass 7 days a week. It is very stressing just thinking things that's happening to me. Lately I am having such headaches, which I can't understand. Maybe I already have brain cancer! Or maybe it's just am hungry. Maybe...

I am not going out this weekend. I want to rest and relax. I wish to do a double, double in bed! Ha ha ha like 12 hours, it's been awhile since I last did this. [Dahil PT nga ako diba? Panay Tarbahu] May isa pang kahulugan yan wag na lang.

Before, I can do whatever I want during Fridays and Saturdays... But, this is what I choose to be a PT. So be it! [That's what I said right?].

Anyhow it's time of the week... To be domisticated, again gtg for now I still have alot of clothes to fold. It's been a month since I last folded and it really looks like Mt. Everest now.

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