Monday, October 1, 2007


As you all know, I love photos and photography. I really enjoy taking photos of any kind, may it be capturing friends, strangers, places and even architectures. I just like capturing moments that take my breath away. Photography is were I express myself.

My camera is like my cellphone. It's always with me where ever I go. Yeah since I take pictures of random moments, people and places.

The camera that I used is Casio exilim s600 and Canon Rebel XTI. I usually bring the exilim with me since it is very handy - size of a credit card. But with my photo sessions or when ever I would do a photo trip it is the Canon Rebel XTI since it has more mega pixel. - much nicer photos with the SLR. Well I prefer the Canon EOS 5D - But I think it's just too much. Am even a pro and yet get a professional camera? LOL.

One day I will be purchasing a digital photo frame for my digital collections. It's really nice to put something in a frame at times., Cause I usually store it in a digital media or in my hard drive.

A camera is very essential to me. In my everyday life.

A camera will be a great gift too! Think about it. Holidays are coming. Better get that early for
your love ones, and in my own opinion that'll be greatly appreciated as a gift!

This is a sponsored post.