Monday, October 1, 2007

P!NK Month...

Y'all maybe wondering why all the text are in P!NK... No I didn't turn gay at all. There is no reason to turn gay, cause am so gay! - Ohh one time I remember, that I have this wedding to attend to and I really wanted to wear a PINK velvet suit from top to bottom. (Just for the record you know.) Just like Elton John.

Almost all of the people close to my heart, was taken away by Cancer. Both of my Mom's and Dad's side are high risk to Cancer. Actually I already knew that if ever I will get sick, it'll be Cancer lol. Well I just hope it'll skip my generation, but then again my greatest-great-great chuvalais ancestors never skip theirs. Oh gosh.

Well today is the beginning of Breast Cancer Awareness Month around the World. And according to statistics the breast cancer research foundation has raised 160 million dollars and has supported more than 115 scientist across the world.

I urge everybody to do a monthly self-exam, urge a friend or a loved one to get an overdue mammogram, or simply shop for products donating a portion of sales to the cause. We can beat breast cancer! Be P!NK and be PROUD!

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