Friday, October 19, 2007


There are few things in life as rewarding as making great returns on our investments. We all love the feeling we get when seeing a chosen investment providing great returns on our money. You immediately know you made a wise and correct decision when excellent returns begin and continue.

Do you know that oil and gas investment can give you both excellent cash flow as well as substantial tax benefits for years. Yes, Oil & gas can be a very profitable investment. After all, some of the largest companies in the world are oil and gas companies. These investment areas in oil and gas are potentially profitable. However, as an investor you should try to analyze their varying degrees of risk and reward.

There is also potential to receive much higher rates of return. Some exceed 100 percent, depending upon your ability as an investor to accept higher degrees of risk. Investing with independent operating companies on a direct participation investment is one option. This is similar to what the major companies do when they invest with each other in developing projects.

The risks are reduced by participating with other oil companies that are located in different geographic areas. It is not uncommon for oil companies to have a specific knowledge or infrastructure in different geographic regions. By sharing in developmental costs, the companies equally reduce risk and gain potential reserves by diversifying their risk.

Yes, investing in the oil and gas industry can be very profitable, the oil and gas industry can be a a very safe investment. You can purchase stock in large public companies to partcipating in private, independent projects. You can invest in oil and gas exploration, refineries and service companies and you can invest through mutual funds or derivatives such as commodities futures.

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