Thursday, October 18, 2007

Last Year

I was browsing my documents when I saw these pictures, it was last October at some Hotel in NY. It was my best-friend's wedding. Blah-Blah-Blah-Blah-Blah... The wedding was great!

We are still at the hotel (which was paid by my friend, since I am one of her guests that is from out of town.) It was just plain boring after the wedding nothing to do in the hotel, so we agreed to go to out! Not clubbing or some bar, but some gogo club. For a change. It was really fun. The girls are hot evah!) Ohh my friends husband was asking me if I would like a dance from the strippers... Well I would really like it, I haven't been done that thou. So he asked one of the girls if she would like to give me a dance... It's like $20.00 for a dance and dance like that last like 10 mins... *Ohh my gawd, can I just keep the money? lol. I wish you know!!!) Laki pala ng kita ng dancer. Kembot dito kembot doon, ngiti-ngiti tapos... So I picked the Asian girl, her name is Sarah she's Mongolian and Korean... I like the Korean part but the Mongolian uhh just too primitive ahihihiih...

She dance well, I like her service for real. So my friends are like... Just pick whatever you want and well take em' to the hotel! WHAT??? *virgin pa ako no!* But then Sarah is not available since she is already reserve for that night. Kaya nawalan na ako ng gana!

But my friends still insisted in getting some booty that night. Since their money is kind of short already, they just picked one of the girls there. A Cambodian - ohhhh exotic innit?

Where all plain drunk by the time we got back to the hotel. I really don't have an idea what's the girl going to do... I don't know what Cambodians specialized in... I know the Thais in pingpong (I remember back in the days, when my cousin took me to Patpong on Soi 3) It was kind of one of Thailand's tourist attraction. I even told Manat, that's the reason that's why I like to be with a Thai. They are simply special ahihihihihi charing! (Jokes are half meant!) *Sabay batok sa akin*
Back to our take home Cambodian Lush... She was okay... Well I guess, and no I believe in the saying "you get, what you pay for"

Here is our Cambodian Lush... Innit sexy? *Throws up!* LOL. No, she is really a good sport, whatever my friends say she would do it. Game na game sya, sobra...

She dance for everybody... As in pati ako hindi nakaligtas sa mga kamandag nya. *kahit pa magtitili ako, it's too late already!)

Pero, gusto ko syang tanungin noong mga sandaling iyon. Ning saan perya ka ba nag-peperform? Wehehehe...

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