Wednesday, October 10, 2007


PPP or PayPerPost is considered a blog advertising specialist. Want to know why am so in love with PPP? Because of them I get to blog the things that I love and at the same time earn some extra cash.

I found out about PayPerPost PPP from another blogger, I was just so lazy and all I was doing was just blog hopping at that day!, So there I was, found myself stalking her paid reviews lol. Her post made me interested and curious so I just click the [get paid to review my post button.] and that was just the beginning. After that my blog was accepted, it was pretty fast! I got a few opportunity's which really made me happy! The opportunity's... If you ask me? Ohh it's over flowing... It's one opportunity after the other!

I plan to buy a Apple MacBook with all that money from PayPerPost! [hehehe, just kidding thou!] Of course I plan to save everything and put it in the bank for the rainy days!

One good thing also about it, is that I gained a few friends online.

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