Thursday, October 18, 2007

You always brighten my day KC

SHARON CUNETA seemed irked when she was interviewed by “S-Files” regarding the picture of her daughter KC Concepcion and TV director Lino Cayetano (taken in Hong Kong) that came out in this column last week.

I respect Mega’s feelings. As a mom, I’m also protective of my kids. But since my son IC is in show biz, I have accepted the fact that it’s beyond my control when people take pictures of him with a date—and it lands in the papers. KC may not be actively in show biz but she’s a celebrity, like it or not, with all those commercials she has made.
When a reader e-mailed me the picture, I got excited and wanted to share it with everybody. Nobody can seem to get enough of KC. She really is hot property.

The same reader (Kace Cayetano—pure coincidence) have not sent me these pictures of KC and Lino taken at the wedding reception for friends of KC’s last Jan. 13 at Sofitel Philippine Plaza. It is my only hope that Shawie won’t take it against me. Just as she picks out wonderful songs for her repertoire, I also have to choose interesting subjects/pics for my column.

I am eternally grateful to Sha for all the help she selflessly extended during my ma’s ICU days and my darkest hours. But that’s a different story. Knowing Sha, she wouldn’t want to make a big fuss about that.

She’s that kind-hearted.

I hope that very same heart will forgive me for jumping at the sight of KC’s pictures with Lino and eagerly printing them here.

mamalicious ka talaga mama KC!

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