Monday, July 2, 2007

I am in heaven!

Thank God moving was done and everything was settled last Sunday 2.00 AM... Thanks to all the people who have showed their support and have extended their helpful hands to me, and to those people who did the opposite you all can go to hell and burn alive for all I CARE! he he he *Charot!*

I will show you guys the photos of my new and lovely mini-mansion home and gay friendly neighborhood [I don't have to be worried anymore of being shot in front of my house because of hate crimes!!!] (Thanks am out of the slums or the rat hole as Manat would refer to lol.) I am a FREEMAN! LOL.

You will all see the photos in the next few days!


JC said...

Parker! paki-kumusta ko kay inay ha...

i'm happy for you... ^_^

diwata said...

walang tulugan ire! panay kain! panay-panay blog din! lol