Wednesday, July 25, 2007

how to get rid of fire ants

Fire ants are no mere annoyance as anyone who has accidentally stepped on one of their mounds will tell you, a fire ant's sting can be painful for weeks. Both Native and Imported fire ants can sting. The Imported Fire ants are very aggressive, their sting can cause reactions anywhere from an irritation and nausea to even more severe reactions in humans.
Imported fire ants have been known to repeatedly attack animals that may intrude on their nests.

Facts and Signs Of Fire Ants

  1. Numerous and conspicuous mounds of loose soil, resembling gopher diggings.
  2. Worker ants are dark (usually red or black), small and highly variable in size.
  3. They swarm readily and are very aggressive.
  4. Workers have the same body proportions from the tiniest to the largest. Head width never exceeds the abdomen width, even in the largest workers.
  5. They sting relentlessly.
  6. About 5 million Americans are stung every year!
  7. Fire ants are reddish to black in color and are about 1/8 inch long.
  8. Fire ants can be really painful and deadly too!

For some info/guide about fire ants go to a guide to how to kill fire ants. The site will show all of the basic information that people need to know.

This is also an introduction to how they live and operate, how they spread into different areas, the dangers they pose to people in terms of property damage and stings, and how you can stop them and exterminate any that are infesting your land.

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