Monday, July 9, 2007

about love...

Me and my former ex-girlfriend would alway argue alot and oftentimes that argument just leads to a fight and those fights would just always end in a breakup. I really hate arguing, cause first I am not really good in arguments and just can't express myself through words at times so it's really not for me.

I think I have a problem understanding what women wants!

I have read and subscribed with a few articles on the net that teaches me about how to deal with relationship, romance and dating and at the same time not being a wussie, a few worked... But still I need to learn more.

Fast Forward...

Now I have a new girl, she's kind of hard to handle at timest... She gives me a hard time almost all the time, since we have different upbringing I guess... Well to start off, we are not from the same ethnicity, we have different culture! [I eat dogs and she doesn't lol.] And her culture is kind of hmmm I dunno lol. Well it's like she always playing hard to get with me and wants me to chase her every time... Can you believe it? Yeah it is sooo TRUE she be like that with me... And am not really up for those kind of things.

I want to learn the basics on how to understand women in general and it's attitudes and how to tame them haaahhhaha... But without proper knowledge how can I? I have talked to a long time friend of mine and told me to checked out since she knows my dilemma. It's pretty nice and informative site about romance of course!, dating tips and the 1-2-3's of how to handle relationships. They have very good advices too on being how to be romantic and how to work things out with your lover. I hope my scene with love and romance this time will be better!

This site is gonna be very useful for me!!! I hope so he he he... Well I wish and hope so. Cause I am getting pretty tired with all the fights and arguments with Manat! - Oh well this site might be alot of help if they have English - Thai translations lol... Cause communication is our number one problem. We have a little bit of a language barrier. But I hope things work out for both of us, I'll just keep crossing my fingers!

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