Thursday, July 5, 2007


SCORE the answer for our prayers has been the best Innovative Tutor for years. It helps alot of kids and also parents. I am a proud parent of a kid that goes to score learning center. Why I choose score? I want my child to excel on her academics and be confident with herself with the help of SCORE!

Learning math, spelling, writing and reading should be part of a child's home life, not just an activity for school. Parents who want to help their child learn more in academics may not know which books are appropriate but there is the innovative tutor to help! SCORE it is!

Score has a unique approach that has led to incredible growth, and today SCORE! operates more than 160 Centers in 11 states. NO WONDER! It is really getting bigger and bigger, which is really good for other parents out there.

SCORE is an excellent innovative tutor

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