Thursday, July 19, 2007

vegetable review

As a busy person I don't have time anymore to eat my breakfast of even drink my coffee, I am always in a rush - imagine I am working full time and I have alot of gigs, so yeah rush rush rush is my everyday life, for me time is gold or should I say time is money? LOL.

Even I want to eat healthy foods I can't since I don't know how to cook. I know I haven't and don't meet my daily dietary supplement allowance - I try to do fruits! But I know it is not enough... But it is good cause my friend told me about My Daily Veggies Free Sample its is a kind of drink mix from Lane Labs, LLC a specialty company for daily supplements they just released a high-end daily nutritional supplement, and you know what's great? They are giving away thousands of free trial packets! Now I can have my daily value supplement on the go, that is good... Whoever invented this good stuff must be a genius! To see is to believe go to they entice the consumers to consume their veggies by drinking them or using them in simple recipes that works into the daily hectic life of thousand people like me.

My Daily Veggies All the good stuff...None of the bad! A little information about the good stuff...
My Daily Veggies is not a juice. It’s not a soup. It’s 95% dried whole vegetables and 5% dried whole vegetable extracts. You get the same fiber, the same vitamins, the same minerals, enzymes and phytonutrients as real fresh (or canned or frozen) vegetables. The only things missing are the salt and sugar that many manufacturers add when they process foods. My Daily Veggies contains NO added salt, NO added sugar, NO preservatives. In fact, the nutritional value of My Daily Veggies may well exceed that of vegetable drinks or supplements.This dietary supplement is made especially for people like me whose always on the go... Outdoorsy people and some people who are concern about their health. This is a good news to people who prefer alternative health lifestyle and to some who goes for organic food.

Again My daily Veggies is... 60 USDA servings of whole vegetables in every box!

  • Whole dried veggies (not from juice!)
  • Only 35 healthy calories per serving
  • delicious filling snack
  • No added SALT, SUGAR and or preservatives!

Organic food lover, Health conscious people and people always on the go what are you waiting for? Grab some of the My Daily Veggies Free Sample today!

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