Friday, July 20, 2007


So you and your boyfriend just got engaged and you want a Wedding Website for your wedding? Well here is your chance!

Sure thing a Wedding Website is essential and very valuable thing in planning, coordinating, and sharing your wedding with both of your love ones like family and friends. Weddings can really be stressing at times! And sometimes just thinking of the wedding itself can be a headache, yeah of course you want your wedding to be perfect and you need to focus on things not just the website. Of course you have to worry about the limo, restaurant, flowers and the gown.

It's understandable not to have time anymore for updating a website! Your wedding websits, But you can actually hire someone to do it for you, there are over 30 companies out there offering wedding websites to engaged couples. You have alot of options! is gonna help you sort through and choose a provider that fits both all your needs.

You simply just use their comparison tool to help you decide their top picks and some recommendations.

Here are some of their top providers...

DesignOurDay Elegant Wedding Websites eWedding
Happymoments Mingo Lingo My Event
My Memory Page Online Wedding Pages Our Nuptials
Share Our Wedding Day Wed Page Designs Wedding Moments
Wedding Org Wedding Tracker Wedding Window
wedOrama WedTracker WedShare

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