Wednesday, July 18, 2007

latin romance

Before if you wanted to meet people you have to ask a friend to introduce you to some possible hookups etc... etc... Now technology has really gone a long way, cause if you want to meet up someone for as possible date or even potential girl/boy friend all you got to do is turn on your computer and there you go... And it is called online dating, yeah sure before or even now to some primitive people it is still a taboo. Not with me though... I am very open minded person... Meeting people online for a date or a possible relationship is fine... For me it's just one way of expanding your network. Oh well so much for the yapping about online dating.

It is kind of crazy, before the internet thing booms, we meet people by chance! But look now we meet people by choice and not just choice, we get to choose them! By age, race, interest and hmmm sexual preference too?

Speaking of race, before I met my Thai girlfriend, I was into Latinas! I love Latin women those curvaceous bodies ohh la la... If am just single of course I would still be hooking up with alot of
latin singles too bad! Am taken already.

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