Tuesday, July 3, 2007


Math is one of the subjects few of us have hated and loved. When I was younger I remember how I just hated it, even I have a tutor at that time I was still struggling at that time with math, I sometime really get frustrated knowing that I already have a tutor and yet it still hard for me to get the basics of that subject. I think it really depends with the one teaching you this subject, cause I kinda not like my tutor at that time. I don't like her at all very old and strict!

A good math tutor can make the difference in our child's early development stages. Once they master the fundamentals they will feel confident and not overwhelmed by math. I strongly recommend the math tutors at Score Learning Centers. When my daughter used to have problems before with math, I was recommended by my best friend to go to Score! They really are professionals who make learning a real fun.

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